Tirox Snap Jack Portable Jack V.2

$ 64.00 CAD

BRAND: Tirox

Compact Jack for on the road or in the garage!

At home or on the road, the Tirox Snap Jack is an easy to use, portable and sturdy jack perfect for chain maintenance especially for motorcycles without a centre stand! 

Just place the Snap Jack under the swingarm and push firmly until it raises the bike and locks in place. For use with most modern motorcycles, the Snap Jack lifts your rear tire 1/2" to allow the wheel to spin freely.

This is the new improved version of the snap jack with larger ground and swingarm supports and adjustable supports to hold your motorcycle more securely! Orange only, red Snap Jack in photos is version 1. 


  • Fits most modern bikes
  • 2 protective floor pads
  • A carry case
  • A brake locking strap and secure strap for safe removal