Tirox Plastix Cleaner

$ 18.95 CAD

BRAND: Tirox

Tirox Plastix Cleaner

Don't use Windex on your helmet! Plastix cleaner is much better for it!

Windex and paper towels to clean your expensive helmet ain't the best idea! Using a product designed specifically for plastics that doesn't contain amonia (amonia hates plastic! Haaaates...) will keep your helmet in great shape, longer!

Tirox's Plastix cleans and protects plastics, alcrylics, lexan, plexiglass, fiberglass and composites. It's safe on metal and painted surfaces too. We use it on helmets and visors, but you can use it on windscreens and fairings to keep swirly scratch marks away.


  • A microfiber cloth and leaves an anti-static, anti-fog coating. Ba-ba-bling!
  • 420g
  • Safe on acrylics, lexan, plexiglass, fibreglass, and composites