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Threebond 1211 Silicone Liquid Gasket

$ 36.95 CAD

BRAND: Threebond

Available for Special Order. May take up to 2 - 10 business days to fulfill the order. If additional time is required, you will be notified immediately. Please contact us if you would like more details on timing and availability.

Keep your bikes blood where it should be with silicone liquid gasket!

Threebond 1211 silicone-based liquid gasket fills gaps on a flange surface and completely prevent leaks. When cured, it forms an excellent rubber-like elastic body offering excellent resistance to vibration and shock. Also it has an excellent resistance to heat, and effectively seals joints that are subjected to high temperature.


  • Low viscosity, flowable and excellent work-ability.
  • Can be used with solid gaskets and it can be used for temporary fixing of O rings.
  • 100g / 3.5oz tube