Stop & Go Deluxe Tube & Tubless Tire Repair Kit

$ 94.00 CAD

BRAND: Stop & Go

Stop & Go Deluxe Tube & Tubless Tire Repair Kit
Stop & Go Deluxe Tube & Tubless Tire Repair Kit
Did you know that prior to 1975 there was no such thing as a motorcycle tire repair kit? Sure you could buy a patch kit (most bikes were tube-type) and a hand pump separately. But the means to prevent being stranded was left up to the ingenuity of the rider.

This Deluxe kit contains a set of 6 feather edge patches (3 sizes) for patching tubes. 

It also contains 5 'on the wheel' rubber insertion strips and 3 patch/plugs which are inserted from the inside. These materials make it possible to fix tube and tubeless tires on the road. Along with all the proper hand tools to make this happen smoothly, you get the Engine-Air Pump and adapters (Easy access to one spark plug is necessary!) for an unlimited supply of clean outside air to inflate your tire. A waterless hand cleaner and full instructions make it possible for you do an effective repair and prevent being stranded in most situations.

3 - 1 1/4" Round Vulcanizing Patches
2 - 2" Round Vulcanizing Patches
1 - 1 3/4" x 3" Oblong Vulcanizing Patch
Reamer/Rasp Tool
Split-Eye Needle Insertion Tool
5 - 4 1/2" "On the Wheel" Rubber Insertion Strips
3 - Inside/Out Patch/Plugs Combo 1 3/4"
Round Patch Head with a 1/4" stem
2 - 9 1/2" Steel Tire Levers
Engine-Air Tire Pump 60" Hose
Engine-Air Fresh Air Valve and 18mm, 14mm, & 12mm Adapters (Fits most motorcycles)
Buffer/Stitcher Tool
Tube of Rubber Cement (1/2 fluid oz.)
Valve Cap with Core Remover
Waterless Hand Cleaner & Towel
Laminated Instructions
Heavy Duty Vinyl Zippered Pouch