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Spectro 4 Mineral Oil 20w40 - 1L

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BRAND: Spectro

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Spectro 4 Mineral Oil 20w40 - 1L
Spectro Oil is made from premium base stocks, and is blended with additives in large batches (10,000 gallons or more!) making for a highly consistent product. It's important to use a motorcycle specific oil in your bike, and for good reason: Your bike shares the same oil for the clutch as the engine. If you oil formulated for cars in your motorcycle you might experience clutch slippage because of friction modifier additives. A good motorcycle specific oil will carry a JASO standard, which means that it will lubricate and cool the clutch, while allowing all of the drive power to be transmitted without slippage. This oil is a very high quality petroleum base stock, with anti-wear additives to help protect and reduce wear under extreme heat and provide smoother shifting. It exceeds all motorcycle manufacturer's warranty requirements, and for the nerds out there, it also exceeds A.P.I SG/SH/JASO MA. You should use the oil viscosity and change intervals that the manufacturer recommends. If none is specified, or in doubt, use 10w40.