Sena SMH5-01 Bluetooth Communication System

$ 169.95 CAD


Augment your ride with music, GPS navigation or conversation with a buddy!

The SMH5 is a Bluetooth stereo headset with Bluetooth intercom was designed specifically for motorcycles. With the SMH5, you can call handsfree on your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, listen to music or voice instructions of GPS navigations by Bluetooth wirelessly, and have two-way intercom conversations  with a passenger or up to 4 other motorcycle riders.

This system will work for rider to passenger or rider to another rider. In a full-faced helmet we find the quality clear enough to listen to podcasts at high speeds. We like that Sena offers all the pieces to this kit separately in case you lose a piece or wish to mount it on a second helmet in your collection. Of all the intercom options now available, Town Moto staff choose this model for it's user-friendly design and bang for your buck!


  • Fits both 3/4 and full-face helmets, with additional accessory available by special order for half helmets
  • Talk time: 8 hours
  • Stand-by time: 7 days
  • Water-resistant for use in the rain
  • 2 styles of mounting options included (Clamp & 3M stick-on)
  • 2 styles of microphones included (Boom & micro wire)
  • Working distance (intercom): up to 400 meters (430 yards) in open terrain *will automatically sync back up when in range
  • Can also be charged with any USB input (or even plugged into a USB Battery Tender charger
  • Free installation with in-store purchase or pick-up

This is available as a single unit or as a dual pack. The dual pack comes with two of everything pictured. The two devices are pre-paired from the factory. A great way to save a few bucks if you split it with a friend!