Rok Straps

$ 19.95 CAD

BRAND: Rok Straps

The best motorcycle luggage strap upgrade

A great, alternative to cargo nets, Rok Straps help you strap down luggage & cargo to your bike without meddling with hooks that can bend & snap over time. Rok straps are flat and pull like an elastic but fasten easily & safely onto your bike with loop straps, one for either side of your luggage. The straps can then be pulled to come together and hold down luggage, meeting with a clip in the middle. This clip solution makes for quick and easy on and off luggage takeaway. A favourite among enduro and touring riders for their ability to keep packs secure in any environment and over a long period of riding.


  • Comes with 2 ends of a strap that buckle together to make 1 strap
  • Adjustable length
  • No scratch loop fasteners
  • Each pack includes 2 straps


    Medium Duty
    Heavy Duty
    1" 60"