Plexus Spray Cleaner

$ 37.95 CAD

BRAND: Plexus

The best plastic cleaner you can buy!

This stuff is the best. Full stop. Developed for use in aviation, specifically for cleaning and protecting aircraft windshields and painted surfaces. Its quite simply the most effective product you can buy for cleaning, polishing and protecting all clear and colored plastics and painted surfaces. This includes motorcycle helmets and visors.

Compared to the competition, Plexus leaves a noticeably cleaner, more lustrous finish than conventional polishes. It protects by actually sealing the pores in plastic making it more resistant to debris, oil, bugs or scratches. And because its anti-static, it repels dust and lint. It does double duty as a polish by leaving an invisible, micro-thin layer of wax without smears or smudges. It dries to a crystal clear luster, leaving no oily, sticky or tacky residue. Its the ultimate detailer for bike or helmet or even chrome. 


  • 198ml