NOCO GB20 400A/12V Battery Boost Sport

$ 149.00 CAD


The Battery Boost is insurance against your battery stranding you!

The GB20 Boost Sport from Noco is a lithium ion battery jump starter that can not only jump start your motorcycle, bike, boat or truck (gas engines up to 4.0 litres) it can charge your phone or other usb devices as well and comes with a handy flashlight. 

Built right in is spark proof connections and reverse polarity protection so even the clumsiest and absent minded of us can rest assure we're not going to mess something up.

The unit can be charged up to 100% in 3 hours. The perfect companion for road trips and charging your phone or other devices while traveling. Not to mention a nice little bit of extra insurance in case you leave your bike lights on and kill your battery or need to charge your phone in an emergency situation.


  • Jump starts your bike
  • Charges your phone
  • Includes built in flashlight
  • Reverse polarity protection built in