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Nanotips Touchscreen Liquid

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Nanotips Touchscreen Liquid
Nanotips Touchscreen Liquid

Turn your favorite riding gloves into a touchscreen glove!

Nanotips is a semi-permanent product formulated specifically to withstand the most extreme conditions (developed with motorcycles riders, snowboarders and even just with Canadian winters in mind). Its liquid polyamide solution is comprised of evenly dispersed ultra-fine conductive nanoparticles, each carefully prepared to interlink with one another and helps to form a conductive grid-like film on the surface of the material. All to say this stuff works, and it works well- we've tested it ourselves! A Canadian invention that was funded on Kickstarter! We even recommend it on casual winter gloves in the off season!


  • For use on leathers, rubbers, kevlar, neoprene and Gortex (non-porous materials)
  • Similar viscosity to a nail polish, it dries black, and is best used on dark gloves
  • Works on any touchscreen device and is safe for all touch screens
  • Up to 30 applications per bottle
  • Lasts for 2-4 weeks per application, depending on amount of wear 
  • Waterproof & durable


  • Shake: Shake the bottle well
  • Apply: Apply a coat to the tips, side & pad of your finger. Ensure that you apply a minimum 1″ x 1″surface area onto the glove. Increasing the surface area will increase responsiveness.
  • Even out: Use the stick to evenly spread the liquid across the applied area. A thin even layer will create a cleaner look or the glove, maximize flexibility, and increase overall durability of the application.
  • Heat or Air Dry: For quick drying, use a hairdryer for 2-3 minutes or allow to air dry overnight. 
  • Ready for use: Get out and start touching things! Your touchscreen gloves will now work on all your favorite devices!