Motorcycles I’ve Loved by Lily Brooks-Dalton

$ 36.00 CAD

BRAND: Generic Accessories

By Lily Brooks-Dalton

A powerful memoir about a young woman whose passion for motorcycles leads her down a road all her own

At twenty-one years old, Lily Brooks-Dalton is feeling lost; returning to New England after three years traveling overseas, she finds herself unsettled, unattached, and without the drive to move forward. When a friend mentions buying a motorcycle, Brooks-Dalton is intrigued and inspired. Before long she is diving headlong into the world of gearheads, reconsidering her surroundings through the visor of a motorcycle helmet, and beginning a study of motion that will help her understand her own trajectory. Her love for these powerful machines starts as a diversion, but as she continues riding and maintaining her own motorcycles, she rediscovers herself, her history, and her momentum.