K100-S+ Fuel Treatment & Stabiizer, 2.5oz Pouch

$ 5.95 CAD


Miracle Juice Turns Bad Gas Good!

Got a bike full of old gas? This fuel treatment will not only preserve new gas, it will actually save the old gas you had in the bike and allow the water in the gas to burn off with the fuel. On top of that it can improve acceleration, milage, emissions, and oil burn.

But that's not all!

The formula is also designed to dissolve gums and varnishes to clean carburetors and fuel injectors without damaging cat converters or sensors


  • For use in 2 or 4 stroke motors
  • Revitalizes old fuel
  • Eliminates water in fuel
  • Dissolves Gums & Varnishes
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors & Carburetors without harming catalytic convertors or oxygen sensors
  • Prevents Phase Separation

At this time we can only sell this product within Canada