Iron & Air Magazine Issue #22

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BRAND: Iron & Air

Iron & Air Magazine Issue #22

Issue 22 from Iron & Air magazine follows a story of exploring the American West in Russian sidecars.

From Iron & Air: More than one fellow motorcyclist looked at us cross-eyed. Actually, they all did. We decided to take a couple oddities – two Ural sidecars – out of their crates and push them deep into the American West for 10,000 miles.

It’s a romantic notion we all dream of; loading up your steed with only the essentials and heading west for landscapes and run-ins with random saints and sinners. There’s something about self-inflicted struggle we’re used to here in the Northeast – so we forsook the comforts of traction control, heated grips, and cruise control. Instead, we opted for the next best thing to traveling via stagecoach: the utilitarian and free-spirited nature of the Russian sidecar. Blended with our own mixture of grit and simple ambition, we set out to chase the western sun for just over a month.

It's your turn.

Twain's quote punched us in the head and heart last spring. We'd had enough Saturday-night bar hopping. It was time to let the motorcycle change us once again. We hope Issue 022 hits you in the same way.