lack, Held Creek motorcycle Rain Pants, Fully sealed and taped waterproof seams

Held Creek Rain Pants

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Double Layered Waterproof Motorcycle Pants!

A saviour on those wet rides, these unisex Held Creek pants are made of an anti-slip, high quality polyamide nylon, pack up real small, and are easy to throw on over your pants to stay dry if those skies start turning grey.

One of the few styles we have found to include heat-resistant fabric at the inside-calves to protect from the bike's exhaust and tears from gravel while riding. Double layered means these pants aren't flimsy and won't rip when shoving your boot through in a haste on the side of the road. In addition to all of this they include a re-inforced rear for comfort which will also extend the life of these pants and their ability to keep you dry! Hot Tip: Wear these in colder weather as a wind-proof layer!


  • Fully sealed and taped waterproof seams
  • 100% polyamide nylon outer
  • 100% polyester lining
  • Elastic waist
  • Expandable leg opening with zip & velcro closure
  • Heat-proof fabric inside the calf area
  • Anti-slip fabric at the seat for better control


  • These pants are meant to be worn over a pair of pants/riding pant, so they will fit high on the waist and have a looser fit to accommodate for ease of wear on the bike with a bent leg.
  • Model is 6' tall and 180 lbs. wearing a size Medium.