Go Fast Innovations JIS Impact Driver Bits (1/4”)

Go Fast Innovations JIS Impact Driver Bits (1/4”)

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The correct impact driver bits for your Japanese motorcycle!

Have you ever damaged the screw heads trying to remove those stuck screws on your Japanese motorcycle? If so, then you’ve probably been using a Phillips screwdriver to remove a JIS screw. Every screw on every Japanese designed motorcycle from the 1950’s right up to the newest bikes in the showroom today were manufactured with a unique JIS screw head design we don’t see on products made here in North America. JIS stands for “Japanese Industrial Standard.” If you own a Japanese motorcycle, you need to know about JIS style screwdrivers. People wrongly assume they can use a Phillips screwdriver safely on their Japanese bikes. Not True!

If you look at the screws on many Japanese motorcycles you will find a large number have damaged screw heads. This occurs when you tighten/loosen a JIS screw with a Phillips screwdriver and the screwdriver “cams out” damaging the head. A Phillips screwdriver feels loose or sloppy in a JIS screw. Fortunately, the solution is simple, use a JIS style screwdriver on JIS screws. Gofast Innovations sells a premium quality set of 3 JIS screwdrivers guaranteed to fit the screws on your Japanese bike.

The JIS style screwdriver has a 57 degree point with a flat tip and parallel wings. JIS screwdrivers grip the screw and fit snugly rather than just sitting inside, ensuring a perfect fit every time which greatly increases the probability of removing that screw with no damage.


  • The only correct screwdrivers to use on Japanese bikes
  • Less likely to strip JIS screws
  • Includes three sizes of screwdriver
  • Packaged in a sturdy plastic box.


  • 4 1/4" - #2 JIS Impact Driver Bits ( 2 Short 25mm & 2 Long 75mm)
  • 4 1/4" - #3 JIS Impact Driver Bits ( 2 Short 25mm & 2 Long 75mm)