Fram Oil Filter CH6003

$ 13.95 CAD


Fram Oil Filter CH6003

Fram oil filters meet and exceed OEM performance with standard or synthetic oils!

Fram is North America's number one oil filter brand. With a balance of dirt-trapping efficiency and dirt-holding capacity, Fram oil filters use a special blend of fibers and resin filter media that delivers excellent engine protection.

All Fram oil filters meet or exceed original equipment performance levels. Compatible with standard and synthetic oils.

Replaces the following OEM Part Numbers:
Yamaha: 1L9-13440-90
Yamaha: 1L9-13440-91
Yamaha: 1L9-13441-11

1985 Yamaha FJ600
1984 Yamaha FJ600
1988 Yamaha FZ600
1987 Yamaha FZ600
1986 Yamaha FZ600
1990 Yamaha FZR400
1989 Yamaha FZR400
1988 Yamaha FZR400
1990 Yamaha FZR600R
1989 Yamaha FZR600R
1983 Yamaha XJ550 Maxim
1982 Yamaha XJ550 Maxim
1981 Yamaha XJ550 Maxim
1983 Yamaha XJ550R Seca
1982 Yamaha XJ550R Seca
1981 Yamaha XJ550R Seca
1983 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim
1982 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim
1981 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim
1980 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim I
1981 Yamaha XJ650L Midnight Maxim
1983 Yamaha XJ650L Turbo Seca
1982 Yamaha XJ650L Turbo Seca
1982 Yamaha XJ650R Seca
1986 Yamaha XJ700 Maxim
1985 Yamaha XJ700 Maxim
1986 Yamaha XJ700X Maxim X
1985 Yamaha XJ700X Maxim X
1983 Yamaha XJ750 Maxim
1982 Yamaha XJ750 Maxim
1983 Yamaha XJ750M Midnight Maxim
1983 Yamaha XJ750R Seca
1982 Yamaha XJ750R Seca
1981 Yamaha XJ750R Seca
1983 Yamaha XJ900R Seca
1977 Yamaha XS360
1976 Yamaha XS360
1977 Yamaha XS360-2
1979 Yamaha XS400
1978 Yamaha XS400
1977 Yamaha XS400
1983 Yamaha XS400 Maxim
1982 Yamaha XS400 Maxim
1981 Yamaha XS400 Special II
1980 Yamaha XS400 Special II
1979 Yamaha XS400-2
1978 Yamaha XS400-2
1983 Yamaha XS400R Seca
1982 Yamaha XS400R Seca
1982 Yamaha XS400S Heritage Special
1981 Yamaha XS400S Special
1980 Yamaha XS400S Special
1990 Yamaha YX600 Radian
1989 Yamaha YX600 Radian
1988 Yamaha YX600 Radian
1987 Yamaha YX600 Radian
1986 Yamaha YX600 Radian