Waterproof Battery Tender 12V

$ 99.00 CAD

BRAND: Battery Tender

Waterproof Battery Tender 12V

Waterproof Battery Tender with reversed polarity protection built in!

We love this little guy! The Waterproof Battery Tender is great for when you need to charge your battery in the elements. If you store your bike outside or in a damp garage you can keep your battery topped without worrying about the elements affecting your charger!

Battery Tender is super smart and has a trickle charger with a brain to make sure that your 12-volt batteries are maintained after charging and always ready for a ride! It's a fully automatic 2-stage charger and works with all lead-acid, sealed maintenance free and gel cell batteries. Two coloured LEDs tell you the charging state. It's so smart that it's got reverse polarity protection built in. Nice long 12 foot output cord that will clamp on to your battery posts or install the included quick connect kit with inline fuse so you can get your baby on the road ASAP on that first nice day in March.


  • Waterproof
  • Reversed polarity protection
  • Includes quick connect kit