Battery Tender Digital Voltage Indicator

$ 34.95 CAD

BRAND: Battery Tender

Digital Voltage indicator great for checking up in your motorcycle battery!

Ever wondered if your motorcycle problems were due to a battery that had given up the ghost? This digital voltage indicator is a great way to check! Handy little tool to have when troubleshooting charging system problems on any new/used bikes.


  • The LCD displays battery voltage when the button is pressed or when initially plugged in.
  • Display voltage range is 3 to 16V, resolution is +/-0.1 volt.
  • The red LED flashes when voltage is low / GREEN: Battery Charged (Greater than 12.0V) / YELLOW: Battery is Low (11.6 to 12.0V) / RED: Battery is Discharged (Less than 11.6V)
  • SAE cable to battery not included.