Arai Vector-2 Helmet - Matte Black - Size XS Only!

$ 669.00 CAD $ 399.95 CAD


Size: XS

Top of the Line Snell Rated Full Face 

Crafted for the rider who wants the best quality and standard possible in a helmet. There are many reasons to choose Arai, safety, comfort, style. We consider the fact that most professional riders choose, many at their own dime to wear the brand in scenarios where they crash for a living. It is the model and shape most commonly purchased in our store, and the helmet that will keep you from looking at alternatives for the full 5 year lifespan. The company's dedication to safety is unparalleled in the market. This is the best helmet your money can buy full stop.


  • Max-Vision SAI Shield included
  • Arai Proshade System compatible
  • Wider eye port for an extremely-wide peripheral view
  • FCS® (Facial Contour Support) 5mm peel-away side/temple and cheek pads layer for comfort and customization
  • New “Hyper ridge Band” sculpted reinforcement band for stability and lower center of gravity
  • Patented chin vent design with a two-position adjustment option for preferred venting direction
  • EPS Liner: a multi-density single piece liner with 5 different densities for mutual zoning support
  • Brow Vent Channeling ventilation for more air flow in temple and forehead areas
  • FFS (Free Flow System) to reduce winnowing noise and turbulence
  • Meets & exceeds Snell & DOT certifications


  • The Arai vector has an intermediate oval head shape. With helmets we always recommend visiting us in person to be properly fitted.
  • 2XS : 51-52 cm
  • XS : 53-54 cm
  • S : 55-56 cm
  • M : 57-58 cm
  • L : 59-60 cm
  • XL : 61-62 cm
  • 2XL : 63-64 cm

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