Arai RX-Q Helmet

$ 769.00 CAD


Arai RX-Q Helmet
Arai RX-Q Helmet
Arai RX-Q Helmet
Arai RX-Q Helmet
Arai RX-Q Helmet
Arai RX-Q Helmet
The Ultimate street helmet. A replacement for the Quantum 2 Arai shape and seemingly very similar at first sight to the new Signet-Q Arai Helmet. The RX-Q combines all of the features of your favorite Arai helmet proving a match for riders who are looking for industry leading standards and protectionThis Arai is a comfortable fit for most Intermediate Oval shape heads, and provides a smaller more aerodynamic shell shape. 

- SAI Shield 
- Max-Vision Pinlock Shield Compatible
- Proshade System Compatible
- Intermediate Oval Shape
- Micro-Fit peel away liner to customize width when needed
- Removable/washable neck roll
- Facial Contour System( FCS®) cheek pad design, removable in case of emergency
- Aerodynamic Upper and side exhaust vent Cowling for enhance stability and exhaust efficiency
- Advanced Brow-Vent Channeling Ventilation
- Fiberglass Aerospace Shell Technology- 40% stronger than standard fiberglass in extension and bending resistance
- Meets Snell M2010 and D.O.T standards

Intermediate Oval