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Ampz Multi Function Power Supply

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Ampz Multi Function Power Supply
Ampz Multi Function Power Supply
Ampz Multi Function Power Supply
Super small, portable, lightweight and yet powerful enough to start just about any vehicle with a 12V requirement! Motorcycles, cars, trucks, SUV, watercrafts and more. 

Charge the AMPZ Power Supply and keep it stored away for when you need to use it. Nano-Start is so small you can store it just about anywhere, even with most recreational vehicles!

Packs enough punch for multiple cranks, giving your vehicles plenty of opportunities to start up. Even in extreme cold conditions! Just about pays for itself after the first use!

- The world's smallest jump starter & multi-function power supply! 
- US patent-pending Jump-Start Technology.
- High capacity Nano Lithium Polymer battery pack.
- Fast charging with low self-discharge cycles.
- Long life - can be charged and discharged over 1,000 times!
- 3 Power Ports: 19V for laptops, 12V standard output, 5V USB output.
- Built-in protection against over-charging and over-discharging.
- Automatic power shutdown when not in use.

- 6" x 2-7/8" x 1" 
- Weight: 14 oz/420g.