Town Moto is a motorcycle lifestyle shop located in Toronto, Canada. We are a small team who are passionate about all types of motorcycles and try to curate a selection of brands and products we can stand behind from personal experience.

In addition to all the gear you need to ride, like helmets, jackets, gloves, and boots, we also sell everything you need to maintain, modify and build a motorcycle including maintenance products, parts, tools and manuals.

You don't have to own a motorcycle to be welcomed at Town Moto, we offer an assortment of casual clothing, books, and accessories for the everyday! Need advice on how to get started in motorcycling? We offer that too!

The motorcycle community is a huge part of who we are and we do. Throughout the year we make every effort to foster and support our riding community with free tech nights, events, sponsorships, and by promoting other inclusive events in the community.

Even though we try to have a big impact, the truth is we're a small shop with a small team who handle manning the store, receiving stock, answering the phone, doing this website, shooting product photos, shipping your orders, and everything else in between. We try hard to provide the best service we can and we appreciate you checking us out. If there's anything we could be doing better, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Town Moto Crew

Marika / Owner

BIKES: 2016 KLX140L / 2018 Coleman CT200 / 2011 Triumph Bonneville / 2018 Kawasaki Z650

TM's Boss Mommy, Marika believes you can manufacture happiness by riding a motorcycle and isn't shy about trying to convince you how. Day to day, you can find her in the store captaining the ship, curating the shelves, and tirelessly trying to get you to go on more vacations.

Andrew / Owner

BIKES: 2007 Triumph Bonneville / 1970 Honda CB350 P1 Race Bike / 1976 Honda CB750 / 1982 Honda XR80

Designer of shirts, keeper of web, fixer of things, doer of Tech Nights, and whatever else that needs to be done to keep the wheels on this thing. Will ride just about anything but loves vintage road racing with the VRRA.

Sid / Photo Daddy, AKA Lakeshore Speed Demon

BIKES: 09 HD Sportster / 71 Vespa GTR

Doesn't understand much about motorcycle mechanics beyond how to do an oil change but wants to ride choppers forever.

Alan / Shop Mechanic Guru

BIKES: 1978 Vespa P125X / 1984 Honda XL350R / 1988 Yamaha FZR400 / 1976 Honda CB550F

"I'm a licensed automotive and powersports technician, and I operate a vintage motorcycle repair garage. I love helping new riders get into motorcycles, and keeping old bikes on the road. When I'm not wrenching, I spend as much time as possible camping and hiking with my family and our two dogs."


BIKE: Husqvarna Svartpillen 401

You may recognize Sam as she has been involved in both the industry and the motorcycle community for many years shining her light in dealerships, through working for brands and on the streets. She is also the better half of the founding duo behind The Motosocial and we have been lucky to have her smiles and help in the shop since day one.


BIKE: 1975 Honda CB200T

Vanessa is the type of person who makes you feel at ease instantly. Hailing from Calgary, Vanessa brings that Western hospitality to the shop, our neighbourhood and the extended moto community. She has many irons in the fire, and seems to know all of your best friends.


BIKE: 1984 Honda CB450

Hailing From Nova Scotia by way of the frozen Yukon, Nathan is definitely one of the colorful 5%. As a youth, when Nathan wasn't wrestling wolves on the frozen tundra, or scooping salmon out of the mighty Yukon River with his bare hands, he was making bootleg tapes of his Dad's old Scorpions and Black Sabbath albums or reading silver & bronze age comic books. At the tender age of 17 he set off on his own, making his way to Ontario with a bag on his back and a harmonica in his pocket.