Town Moto 2020 Gift Guide

With the first bits of snow collecting on the ground it's time to start thinking about the riders on your nice list. Check out some of our gift ideas in our 2020 Gift Guide. If you need help deciding on the perfect gift and don't see anything in our guide please get in touch and we'll do out best to help you out!

Harley-Davidson X Stance HARLEY-DAVIDSON X STANCE - $22.95-53.00 CAD

If you're buying for a Harley rider check out what Stance has cooked up for the brand. They have Harley-Davidson socks for men and women as well as Men's boxers!

Town Moto I love motorcycles Knit Toque I LOVE MOTORCYCLES KNIT TOQUE - $36.00 CAD

This is a no brainer for the hard-to-shop-for rider you're buying for. The high quality knit toques look great, keep your head warm and let everyone know just how you feel about your two wheeled friends!

Schott NYC 740C Peacoat SCHOTT NYC 740 32OZ WOOL PEACOAT - $439.00 CAD

A classic pea coat is a closet staple that every man should have. While not strictly motorcycle we have a lot of customers who love Schott leather motorcycle jackets and rock these in the winter. Just a really nice piece that will last whoever you're gifting it to a lifetime!

Factory Effex Licensed Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki Gear Factory Effex Licensed Gear - $39.00+ CAD

Factory Effex is the official licensor of Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki and we have some great hats and shirts from them in stock for fans of these great moto brands.

Battery Tender USB Charger BATTERY TENDER USB CHARGER - $19.95 CAD

A gift that can save the butt of a rider you know! Allow's riders to charge USB devices off of their motorcycle. Super handy if you need directions or run out of gas and need to call for help or use your map app to find out where to go.

Modern Motorcycle Mechanics Book MODERN MOTORCYCLE MECHANICS $69.00+ CAD

While Modern Motorcycle Mechanics is no longer very modern (It was updated last in 1974) This is a great tome on the maintenance and mechanical workings of many motorcycles dated up to 1974. It's got so much useful information if you're into older bikes and was written by J.B.Nicholson a hugely important part of Canadian Motorcycle History.

Gears Unisex X4 Heated Glove GEARS UNISEX HEATED GLOVE - $209.00+ CAD

Lengthen your riding season with Gears Gen X4 heated gloves. No more engine hand warming needed, ride past those Tim Hortons without stopping to warm up! These incredibly comfortable gloves are windproof and insulated. They include a wide gauntlet made to fit over your jacket cuff and further keep the cold air out.

Town Moto Kids Gear TOWN MOTO KIDS GEAR $24.95+ CAD

Town Moto has some great schwag for the future ripper on your list. Hoodies, onesies, longsleeves, tees there's lots of options in a range of sizes for the grom in your life.


We have a rad selection of silkscreened artprints illustrated by TM owner Andrew. This one is a Triumph Bonneville done up with some desert sled bits. Be sure to check out all our prints if a different bike or vibe is what you're looking for! Silkscreened in Canada!


While the Fly By Night women's jacket by Blackbird looks like your classic military bomber jacket, it's made with motorcycling in mind. This great looking leather jacket makes for a perfect gift for the female rider you know.

New Town Moto Gear Town Moto Stuff! $25+ CAD

We've got a bunch of new TM gear in the shop! New hats, beanies, t-shirt, crews, totes and more!

Tough Duck Quilted Lined Vest TOUGH DUCK QUILTED LINED VEST $89.00 CAD

Straight from Winnipeg Canada, Tough Duck's quilted lined vest is a best seller for a reason! This vest will get you through any harsh environment and can take a beating. Looks great over a jacket or hoody and will help you stay smiling on those cold weather rides!

Kappa RB103 Rambler Tank Bag KAPPA RAMBLER TANK BAG - $159.00+ CAD

The Kappa Rambler Magnetic Tank Bag is an awesome option if you're looking for a tank bag that's quick to slap on your tank and take with you easily when you get off your motorcycle.

Magnetic Tank Phone Case MAGNETIC PHONE & GPS HOLDER $34.95 CAD

We love this magnetic phone or gps holder because it's so simple and affordable. Great way to display your phone while riding without needing to install anything on your motorcycle

Waxed Canvas Tool Bag WAXED CANVAS TOOLBAG - $49.00+ CAD

Everyone needs a quality tool bag to stash their most important tools, snacks or whatever else you need to take with you! These canvas tool bags come in 4 colours and make a great gift.

Black Jack 12V Heated Vest Black Jack Heated Vest - $139.00+ CAD

This vest is a game changer for riders. It helps you extend your season and keeps you warm when you need it most. If you want who you're buying for to remember you fondly on each chilly ride grab one of these now.

Gremlin Bells PEWTER GREMLIN BELLS - $16.95 CAD

The tradition of giving a friend or loved one a 'Gremlin Bell' to ward off evil road spirits goes back many years. Let a motorcycle rider you know you're sending them good vibes on their ride and they'll smile and think of you each time they see it!

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