Town Moto 2017 Window Bikes Recap

Town Moto 2017 Window Bikes Recap

With another year in the books it's nice to take a sec and look back at all the great bikes that graced our window in 2017. We love switching it up each month and gives us an opportunity to check out great bikes, meet interesting bike owners and get a free workout hauling them up and out each month. Keep scrolling for 12 awesome machines!

Yamando Yamaha Norton Vintage Racer

January 2017 - "Yamando" Yamaha & Norton Vintage Racer

This vintage racer is owned by VRRA rider Brad Monk. It combines a xs650 motor cradled by the more forgiving Norton commando frame. Brad rode this bike to a first place finish in the 2016 VRRA P2 Heavyweight class and we're looking forward to seeing him on it again hopefully in 2018!

Walt Siegl Ducati Leggero

February 2017 - Walt Siegl Ducati Leggero

We feel pretty lucky to have now had two Ducati Leggero's from reknowned motorcycle builder Walt Siegl in our window. In February we had this grey beauty which belongs to one of our favourite motorcycle addicts Klaus. The craftmanship and performance of these custom's are second to none. Follow the link for more photos and info!

Husqvarna TC50

March 2017Husqvarna TC50

After The Grand Prix de Snow we smuggled this little beauty back to the shop to stick in the window for March. It looks like adult sized fun in a kid sized package. The kind of gift you might buy for your future motocrosser if you looking for a solid gold, locked down best parent ever trophy.

Triumph Bobber

April 2017 - Triumph Bobber

We were lucky enough to have one of Triumph's new Bobbers in the window in April. Designed to appear as a hardtail similar to Triumphs of yesterday like the Thunderbirds from the 50's It doesn't lack comfort with a hidden mono-shock and adjustable seat taking up most of the bumps of the road.

1976 BMW R90S

May 2017 - 1976 BMW R90S

May’s window bike was a Daytona Orange 1976 BMW R90S, the high compression, faired, sportier version of BMW’s standard R90/6. The R90S was designed to break free from BMW’s reputation for building reliable, but unexciting bikes. To demonstrate this, BMW raced the R90S extensively to much success, including a first and second place finish at the AMA Superbike race at Daytona International Speedway in 1976.

1969 Norton Commando Fastback

June 2017 - 1969 Norton Commando Fastback

June's window bike was this original 1969 Norton Commando Fastback owned by local collector Andy who acquired it with a number of other bikes from a collector in Calgary. The Norton Commando was hailed as 'Machine of the Year' for 5 consecutive years by Moto Cycle News 1968-1972. It's isoelastic frame was designed to tame the motors vibrations which had only gotten worse as the engines basic design had increased from 500cc to 750cc.

Rolling Chaos XS650

July 2017Rolling Chaos XS650

This nice example of a chopped Yamaha XS650 belongs to Rolling Chaos Head Honcho and Freedom Machines team member Andrew Wright. It's got a great stance and lots of nice details. If you're looking for inspiration for you Japanese chop click above for more!

Ripple Rock Racers 1969 Honda CB750

August 2017 - Ripple Rock Racers 1969 Honda CB750

If there's anyone in Toronto who's know for performance SOHC Honda's it's Kemp Archibald of Ripple Rock Racers. Not only does he create beautiful bikes he makes equally trick go fast parts for your vintage racer. In August we had his beautiful CR750 replica in the window for everyone's viewing pleasure.

2006 Ducati Super Sport 1000

September 2017 - 2006 Ducati Super Sport 1000

September's window bike was this super clean 2006 Ducati Sport Classic 1000. It has a lot of nice little details like the sexy Termignoni 2 into 2 exhaust and lots of little sweet Rizoma bits and bobs. These retro revival Ducati's were only around for a little while which has made them a fairly sought after bike. The Sport 1000's used Ducati's two valve 1000DS motor and are a lot of fun to ride!

Slowcocks Racing Honda CB350

October 2017Slowcocks Racing Honda CB350

Octobers Window Bike was a bike that we are very familiar with, as it is one of our Slowcocks Racing cb350's. The bike was built by Tim Voyer of 840 Racing out of North Bay. The bike started life as a street legal Honda CB350 Twin, and was transformed by Tim into a very competitive race bike which Thomas from the shop raced this year.

2018 Yamaha XSR700

November 20172018 Yamaha XSR700

After having the XSR900 in our window last September I was curious what I would think of the smaller, twin version. Unfortunately not being able to ride this one I can't give you a thorough comparison but based on looks alone I feel I appreciate the smaller somewhat more compact XSR700. Decide for yourself and check out our video and photos of this heritage inspired bike from Yamaha!

1989 Yamaha YSR80

December 2017 - 1989 Yamaha YSR80

We are lucky to know Chris, not only has he been a great supporter of Town Moto over the years,  but he also has a great collection of pristine motorcycles. This month we have stolen his amazing Yamaha YSR 80 to put in our window. The YSR came in two variants, with 50cc and 80cc options, the 80cc being the rarer of the two 'beasts'. The YSRs  had the look of a re-shaped, scaled-down YZR500 factory race bike that appealed to the spirit of race enthusiasts in a playful way.

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