Town Moto 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Town Moto Motorcycle Knit Toque

Town Moto Motorcycle Toque - $36.00 CAD

Keep your favourite rider warm in the garage this winter with one of these sweet toques or whatever they're called where you're from. Only available from us. Pick one up so your dad's neighbours don't forget how much he likes motorcycles when he's plowing the driveway!

Town Moto Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Garage Journal 3 pack setTown Moto Garage Journal 3 Book Set - $15.95

Whether you're building a custom, restoring a classic, or simply keeping up with your maintenance schedule, these pocket garage journals are an invaluable resource. Keep a log of everything you do to your bike and you'll be thankful to be able to refer back to it later! The journals feature 32 dotted pages that are great for keeping notes or drawing small diagrams. A great lil' useful gift!

Rev'it! Sport Westport Overshirt

Rev'it! Westport Overshirt $409.00 CAD

The Westport may be one of the nicest pieces from Rev'it! we've seen yet. It's stylish good looks combined with superior safety features make it work whether you're riding or not. It has their patented Seesmart armour in the elbows and shoulders and 11oz cordura denim construction. Best part is when wearing it's hard to notice the added protection is even there.


Nothing like a great new pair of boots that work great on your bike or if you're tromping through snow bank going to Grandma's house for Christmas dinner. The Iron Ranger and Women's Silversmith boots are made in the USA and have built-in quality that is hard to beat.



The perfect gift for the moto-traveler you know! The built in filtration on the straw allows you to fill up from any lake, stream, or dodgy taps and not have to worry about getting sick. Great for off roaders who have a few days in the back country planned or someone who's riding into the great unknown and aren't sure of where they might be when there's no clean water source.

Kriega Tool Roll

Kriega Toll Roll $62.00 CAD

A sturdy, reliable tool roll is a must for any rider who travels near or far. Having your go-to motorcycle tools all tucked away makes sure you're ready to keep your machine in tip top shape should something come loose, break or require some routine maintenance. Kreiga's high quality construction and 10 year guarantee means this toll roll might outlast your current bike!

Red Wing Leather Accessories Town Moto 2017 Holiday Gift GuideRed Wing Leather Goods $79.00+ CAD

Not only has Red Wing been making some of the best looking and performing boots for over 100 years, their leather accessories are worth a look for anyone on your list. Their gloves and wallets show great attention to detail and scream of high quality.

Schott NYC 141 Classic Racer Jacket - Town Moto Holiday Gift Guide


The 141 is one of best sellers despite it's higher cost of entry. When you try it on you get it. Schott has for years been the gold standard of leather jackets. The 141 comes with a zip out vest liner and satin lining in the sleeves making a breeze to slip into or out of. The cowhide ages beautifully and these only get better the more you wear them. If someone on your 'nice' list has been looking at one they won't forget this gift anytime soon.

Ken Diamond Key Fob Great Holiday Gift 2017KEN DIAMOND KEY FOB $44.00 CAD

If your going to use it everyday might as well make sure you love it. There's not an item other than maybe our phones we handle more than our keys. These handsome key fobs are made by Ken Diamond in British Columbia, Canada and are well made with a beautiful attention to detail.

Matador Droplet XL Drybag


This drybag from Matador is the perfect piece of kit you can take anywhere and everywhere with ease and will save your gear when you need it to. Pull the drybag out of and you immediately have a 20 litre dry bag you can stash your laptop, camera, change of clothes or anything else you don't want to get wet. The convenient clip makes it easy to snap it onto your luggage, belt or bike.

First Women's Daisy Fringe Jacket

First Women's Daisy Fringe Leather Jacket $349.00 CAD

Who hasn't wanted to look like Billy from Easy Rider with some tassels just blowing in the wind as you cruise down the highway. The Daisy Fringe jacket is made of a premium lightweight naked cowhide which protects and looks great. It's full satin liner makes it easy to get in and out of. It's a great jacket for riding but also doubles as the perfect fall fashion jacket for when you're not with your two wheeled best friend. If there's a female rider on your list who loves the tasselier things in life this may just be the perfect gift!

Town Moto Gift Cards - the perfect gift for any price range!

Town Moto Gift Card $10.00+

When you don't know what they ride, what they like, what they have or what they need sometimes it's better to just let them figure it out. Perfect for the last minute gifter or if you know someone who's been humming and hawing over a new helmet.

Stance Socks at Town Moto the perfect stocking stuffer

Stance Socks $16.95+ CAD

If you've tried a pair of Stance socks consider this following piece of advice a early holiday gift from your friends at Town Moto: "Buy a pair of Stance socks" You'll love them and so will anyone else you're shopping for. They are comfy, don't lose their shape and you'll find yourself doing laundry more often just so you can get them on your feet again.

Town Moto 5 Panel Hat


For the hat lovers out there we have some great lids to keep your dome looking good when the helmet comes off and your hair looks like it wanted to go with it. Available in Navy, Black, Olive and Khaki!

Gremlin Bells at Town Moto

Gremlin Bells $16.95 CAD

The tradition of giving a friend or loved one a 'Gremlin Bell' to ward off evil road spirits goes back many years. Let the motorcycle rider on your list know you're sending them good vibes on their ride and they'll smile and think of you each time they see it!

MTO Motorcycle Handbook - Great gift for the Ontarian you know who wants to learn to ride!

The Official MTO Motorcycle Handbook $14.95

Know someone who's been talking about getting on a motorcycle next year? What a perfect gift to let them know what a great choice they're making! The Official MTO Motorcycle Handbook has all the info you need to pass your written M1 test in Ontario and useful information that applies to riders in any province or state. We also have the Motorcycle study guide if you really want to improve their odds!

Town Moto Original Moto Jersey - Great Holiday Gift

Town Moto Original Moto Jersey $65.00 CAD

Join the Go Fast! Have Fun! team at Town Moto! This vintage styled MX jersey looks on the trails, track or streets.

Battery Tender - USB Charger - great motorcycle stocking stuffer!

Battery Tender USB Charger $24.95 CAD

This is maybe the perfect stocking stuffer! This awesome little gadget plugs into an SAE port if you have one on your bike and allows you to charge your USB devices like a phone, GPS or communication headset. If you don't already have a SAE cable on your bike you'll need to get that as well to make this work.

The Ride

The Ride Book - $119.00 CAD

A great motorcycle book makes a great gift for the rider you know. Give them some inspiration on their custom motorcycle winter project with a book full of sweet custom bikes. The Ride is one of our staff favourites at the shop and has a little something for any taste.

Finn Zygowski Moto Posters

Finn Zygowski Moto Prints $42.00 CAD

Finn Zygowski is a Toronto artist who loves things that go fast. We have three great prints in stock from him if you know a Two-Stroke fanatic who needs some help with some blank walls.

Town Moto Moto Heart T-ShirtTown Moto Moto Heart T-Shirt - $34.95 CAD

One of our favourite new tees in the shop. Small Town Moto type on front breast. Great gift for the guy or gal you know who likes speed and good times!

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