Town Moto's 2016 Window Bikes

2016 Town Moto Window Bikes

All the bikes that graced our window this past year!

It's kind of fun to look through the blog and check out all the window bikes we've had in the past year. We thought we would organize all the blog posts on what graced our front window this year for you to peruse at your leisure! It was a good year for bikes at ol' Town Moto. 

1998 XL883 HARLEY TRACKER by Eric StaffordJanuary 2016 - 1998 XL883 Harley Tracker

Our friend Eric Stafford and fairly regular window bike contributor loaned us this excellent tracker he built with help from his dad Lyle to kick off 2016. Lots of custom parts design by him from triples, sprocket cover, exhaust hanger. More info and photos...

Cafe Noir BMW R75
February 2016 - Cafe Noir 1975 BMW R75/6

Cafe Noir was built by Ian Barratt and Greg Pillon and started out life as a stock 1975 BMW R75/6. Once in their hands they went to work trimming any unnecessary fat and making upgrades to the looks and components. More info and photos...

Ducati Frankenbike - Gulf Livery Endurance Racer
March 2016 - Ducati Frankenbike

This excellent looking endurance racer comes talented Toronto Ducati builder Paul Hewitt. The bike is titled as a 650 Caviga Allazura but is truly a mutt with parts a wide range of Ducati's not to mention the awesome one piece fibreglass bodywork made by Paul himself. More info and photos...

April 2016 - Husqvarna 701 Supermoto

While we typically have custom bikes or more vintage bikes in the window, once in awhile we're pleased to have a new bike that gets our blood stirring! The Husqvarna 701SM was on the top of all of our wish lists last year and after getting to ride one I know it truly lives up to it's good looks and hype! More info and photos...

1969 Greeves 380cc Twin Port Griffon
May & June 2016 - 1969 Greeves 380cc Twin Port Griffon

Maybe one of our favourites this year. From the collection of Lawrence Hacking this Greeves Vintage MX is super rare and collectable and not something the regular motorcycle fan would come across very often. More info and photos...

Moretti Ducati
July 2016 - Moretti Ducati

Another great build from our friend Paul Hewitt. Not only does he build these beautiful Ducati's but races them as well and on the track is about the only place you'll find them. This particular build is built on a extremely rare frame and body kit based on the design of Domenico Moretti who built it back in 1982 for an Italian domestic racing series. More info and photos...

1971 Honda CB350 Cafe Racer by Bullit Cycles
August 2016 - 1971 Honda CB350

Our window bike for August was a 1971 Honda CB350 built by Rob Cloutier of Bullitt Cycles and customer Ian Purdy. This bike has a lot of subtle done to the frame and other components and a ton of powder coating by Ian. More info and photos...

2016 Yamaha XSR900 Town Moto window bike
September 2016 - 2016 XRS900

I was excited when we got to have this 2016 XRS900 for the window in September because it meant I would be able to ride it back to Yamaha HQ! Really great bike with beautiful finishes and a blast to ride as well! More info and photos...

October 2016 - 1980 Ducati 900 SS

 In October we we're lucky to have this awesome looking 1980 Ducati 900ss from our friend Nicholas who has an amazing collection of bikes. This is the last iteration of the Bevel – Desmo drive Square Case 900 Super Sport from Ducati. More info and photos...

OZ Honda CB550 Brat by Ripple Rock Racers
November 2016 - OZ Honda CB550

In November we were happy to have another bike from longtime friend of the shop Kemp Archibald of Ripple Rock Racers It has a lot of nice features and uses one of his classic exhausts he's been designing for the Honda CB's. More info and photos...

Team Mavis KLX140
December 2016 - Kawasaki KX140

Usually in December we like to have a bike that might fit under the tree in the window so this year we had owner Marika's KLX140 for the holidays. A little too big for under the tree but it looked great in the window. More info and photos...

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