The Race of Gentlemen 2016, Pismo Beach, CA

All photos by our good friend Kyle Topping (IG:@xkylex)

The Race of Gentlemen or TROG as it's affectionately referred to is now a twice a year event organized by The Oiler's CC/MC celebrating America's racing heritage. In the early Summer TROG hit's Wildwood, NJ and in the Fall it's held at Pismo Beach, CA. The event attracts riders racing their Pre-War American made hot-rods and motorcycles. Our friend Kyle was able to make it out a couple of weeks ago to Pismo Beach and captured some great shots of the event.

For more info on TROG please visit their website. For more TROG photos please check our blog post covering last year's event!

November 02, 2016 2 tags (show)