Rolling Chaos XS650 - July 2017 Window Bike

Rolling Chaos XS650 - July 2017 Window Bike

Photos & video by Town Moto, words by Andrew Wright

The bike with 25 000 km’s, in it’s original form, was a gold/orange 1972 Yamaha XS650 stock which was disassembled with the frame hard tailed with a 4 inch stretch, 2 inch drop and a 3 degree rake added to the front end. 

Engine and carbs kept stock with extended drive train, Monster Craftsman chain tensioner, Harley sportster gas tank, Z-bar handlebars, TC Bros. Forward Controls, spring solo seat and custom paint, 6” wide rear fender and shortened stock front fender.

Since it’s latest incarnation, it has stayed the same with the exception of being changed to electronic ignition and new wiring harness.

Owned by Andrew Wright, creator and designer of the clothing (and newly added sissy bar bags) brand Rolling Chaos. Find more info on the brand and where to purchase at or check out his design/illustration site at

Town Moto July 2017 Window Bike - Yamaha XS650 from Town Moto on Vimeo.


August 04, 2017