May 2018 Season Opener Ride-In BBQ

May 13th marked our first Ride-In of 2018. Always exciting this time of year when everyone has their bikes out the weather is not too hot and you get to catch up with all your moto buddies you may not have seen in awhile. 

May 2 was our 6th year anniversary and it's a nice feeling to have everyone at the store with their bikes as we celebrate another year in business as well as the start of the riding season. A little change up this Ride-In came with the absence of the #dogzone in favour of our talented homies from Sunday Sandwiches who served up some delicious meat & veg steak and cheese sammies. 

Thanks to everyone who came out and has been coming out to our events and supporting our little shop all these years. We love seeing you all. Our next Ride-In will be on June 17th, see ya then!

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