Flat Track Canada x Falcon Racing DTX450 - March 2018 Window Bike

March's window bike tied into our Flat Track themed month by being an interesting concept from a Canadian company, Falcon Racing Co. that is putting together ready-to-race DTX Flat Track bikes at an affordable price. For $6800CAD or $5500USD you can be going fast and turning left on your very own DTX race bike.

The nice thing about this model if you're interested is it eliminates the need to build up your own 19" wheels to accommodate Flat Track tires. Included are Warp 9 wheel sets that feature machined aluminum hubs and Shinko SR267/268 flat track tires. It's 450cc motor puts out 43.5 horsepower with suspension being handled by Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Famer & Former Flat Track racer Steve Beattie and his 26 Suspension company. Another nice feature especially for beginner racers is that the bike comes with both electric and kick-start capability.

If you're not quite ready to buy but want to dip your toes into Flat Track racing Falcon Racing Co. offer an arrive and ride program for many of the provincial, national and local Ontario Flat Track practice nights organized by Flat Track Canada. You can read more about this sweet race bike as well as their arrive and ride program at Falcon's website.