Lawrence Hacking's Grand Prix de Mud 2016

Photos from the event by Alex Lee (color photos) & Luke Tokaryk (black & white photos)

The Grand Prix De Mud is organized by our pal Lawrence Hacking as a lead up event to his Overland Adventure Rally. It's inspiration came from wanting to provide an opportunity for people to get out on whatever motorcycle you got lying around and get dirty. It brings out the uninsured, the untitled, the barely running to pristine vintage mx machines and brand spanking new dirtbikes that are eager to get dirty for the first time. 

Having missed the first one we and our stable of janky ass bikes were looking forward to getting some time in on the improvised track put together behind the Mohawk Inn in Campbellville, ON.

We showed up with a 1982 XR80, a 1979 XT500 and a 1999 KDX 220 and were excited to see a little bit of everything as far as bikes go when we rolled up. Lots of Trials bikes old and new coming to try their hand at the Trials course, old two-strokes, dual sports, mini bikes, anything you could think of really. 

The day is split up into 3 types of races. A course for Trials riders, a grass track similar to what off road riders experienced in the early days of the sport, and a cross county course which translates to a freshly chopped out single track going through the woods behind the inn.

There were different classes for each event depending on your bikes age and your age and made it fun and challenging getting to ride with people of all skill levels. With the dry, hot summer we've been having it was super dusty in contrast to the last years rainy, muddy affair but low visibility didn't stop people from getting out there and mixing it up and trying to get out in front of the pack.

The Grand Prix de Mud was a really fun chance to meet like minded dirt enthusiasts and see a lot of great machines of all calibers grind it out. With cool prizes from sponsors and lots of different classes not to mention excellent riding it's an event we strongly recommend checking out next year if you haven't been yet! Big thanks to Lawrence for putting the event together and Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada for stepping up and being the main sponsor along with all the other sponsors, organizers and volunteers for putting together some amazing tracks!!! We can't wait for next year!!!