Great Motorcycle Gear Ideas For New Riders!

When you are new to something, especially as an adult it can feel intimidating to ask for advice or admit we don't know the answer to something. At Town Moto we actually love answering questions! We find the most enjoyable part of our job can be finding new riders the right gear to get on a bike safely and without wasting their budget on items they don't love enough to keep wearing as they become more experienced riders. To help make the gear selection process easier we have put together a list tailored for new riders of what to look out for when buying moto gear for the first time, and what products are our favourites for 2019!

 HJC-FG17 Motorcycle Helmet

HELMET When a customer comes in for the first time as a new rider, we like to start with choosing a helmet. This is because it is the most important piece in that it is the only gear you legally need in order to ride, and also the one that has the most effect on your riding experience. We like to have a serious conversation about safety in the store while fitting helmets so our customers can make informed decisions about is best for them and feel confident in their purchase later on.

Overall it can be difficult to know what you need before ever being on a bike. We try to reinforce that as a new rider some important things to consider regardless, is your safety against those on the road around you, comfort from the elements, and price. For these reasons our top pick at the shop is the HJC FG-17. This full-face helmet is Snell and ECE approved which is unusual to find at an under $300 price point. It fits a variety of head shapes comfortably, has some great features like an anti-fog insert for the visor and removable liner. This is a helmet we find our customers wearing long past their first season of riding.

Rev'it! Sport Crosby Jacket Rev'it! Women's Logan Motorcycle Jacket
MEN Rev'it Crosby Denim Jacket WOMEN Rev'it Logan Denim Jacket 

JACKET There are now several options in jackets in all kinds of piece points for both men and women. The most important thing to consider above safety is if the jacket suits your personal style. Our reason for pushing this is because if you don't love your jacket, as your confidence grows and the temperatures rise you will be less likely to want to wear it, and then no matter how safe your jacket is it won't protect you in a closet or on kijiji. When you integrate gear that suits your style, it won't feel like you're dressing up for the ride, you will grab your riding jacket because it is your favourite jacket, and you will always have the safety aspects covered if you ever needed them. These textile options from Rev'it are smart purchases for first jackets because they can take you through the entire city riding season and many daily life outfits. They feel lightweight and yet have important protection details you should look for in any riding jacket, such as CE rated armor, Abrasion resistant cordura denim, triple needle stitched seams, reflective zones and venting, These jackets will look like a casual jacket you can wear to dinner, but are built to act as a protective riding gear if you ever needed it.

Altimate Freeway Glove First Cafe Glove
MEN Altimate Freeway Glove WOMEN First Cafe Glove

GLOVES Gloves are easy in that you will probably end up with more than one pair if you ride every day or through the seasons, so we like to keep it simple and cheap with our suggestion on what to buy for a first pair of riding gloves. You should look for a glove that fits snug, has a full leather palm and covers above your wrist bone. The more money you spend, often the more comfortable, longer wearing and more protective features you get. These options cover the safety basics, will get you through the majority of the riding season and are also classic in their style.

Resurgence Armoured Cafe Racer Denim Atwylde Voyager Moto Jeans
  MEN Resurgence Armoured Cafe Racer Jean WOMEN ATWYLD Voyager Moto Jean

MENS PANTS Like jackets, pants need suit your style to be a good investment that you will wear beyond the beginner period of your first riding season. Although most safety schools only require a strong non-stretch, non-ripped denim jean, we try to remind our customers for the same price as a name brand fashion jean, you can get a similar looking riding pant that will do much more to keep your protected. For Men we really love the Resurgence Denim in that they look like your average Levi's 511s, but have many hidden protective elements. These denim jeans have impact issues covered with adjustable and removable CE Rated armor in the hips and the knees as well as Abrasion resistant Dyneema layers in all the impact zones. Triple needle stitching means they won't explode even in a slide scenario. Look for pants that fit a bit snug so the armor will stay where it needs to, and remember that with a bent knee while riding the knee may fall a bit long while standing straight.

WOMENS PANTS We wish we had as easy an option for riding pants for women as we do for men, but unfortunately in our experience, most women prefer a jean with stretch and most riding jeans on the market just don't stretch, which means they often suit only one body type. A light in this tunnel is the ATWYLD Voyager Moto Jean. Alone it is fully lined in Kevlar for superior abrasion resistance and on top of that they come with removable CE Rated armor in the hips and knees. They are a skinny fit, but the stretch makes them look great on many body types, and on short to tall legs. Premium in price compared to the options we see available for men, however they look so good, and exceed any of the other options for women making it easy to see how their value is worth the splurge.

 TCX Street Ace WP Riding Shoe

BOOTS TCX Street Ace Waterproof Riding Shoe (Full size range available April 26th)

Boots are an often under talked about part of riding gear when it comes to safety. Because the injuries are not often serious, no-one admits that an above the ankle leather boot was all they needed to prevent burning their leg on a hot pipe. We like to look for taller footwear options in leather that have important safety considerations such as re-inforced toe caps, strong, inflexible heel cups, non-slip treads and even metal, one-way bend shanks through the soles. For both Men and Women, TCX Street Ace Shoe is an option that looks just like a leather hightop casual running shoe, but acts as a protective riding boot with waterproof capabilities to get you through the unexpected. Plus we know from experience that these shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day long at work.

We hope this list helps to answer some of the key points of what to look for in your own riding gear purchase. There can be an overwhelming number of opinions and options of where to start and what to buy, and this list is just a glimpse of the hits we have on offer for 2019. We hope you come by the shop to take advantage of a more personal experience in getting started where we can listen to your needs and tailor our advice to your specific wants out of motorcycling!

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