Great Gear for New Riders

Great Gear for New Riders

We're super lucky to get a lot of new riders stepping through our doors. The most challenging thing about getting into motorcycling is all the upfront costs and gear being a big one of those expenses. If you're doing a riders training course like Motorsoul here in Toronto it is required that you have the proper safety gear. This is a great time to get into the habit of wearing gear that will keep you safe for the rest of your riding career!

We've compiled a list of products below that are great options for new riders because they're safe, good quality and come at an attractive price point. These obviously are not all the options we sell so make sure to visit our helmets, jackets, gloves, riding pants and riding footwear pages to see if there's something else that fits your budget or style when you're done reading.


Obviously your most important piece gear and not the thing you want to cheap out on. It is possible to get an awesome helmet for an awesome price.

HJC i10 Motorcycle Helmet

HJC i10 $219.95

HJC is the most popular selling helmet brand worldwide, and we were excited to see them put what they know about meeting higher safety ratings into a base model. The new HJC i10 is a perfect example of a high-value helmet at an affordable price. This helmet has a Pinlock ready face shield and grooves in the cheek padding to better accommodate most eyeglasses. HJC tends to fit a wide variety of head shapes really well and this helmet incorporates all the necessary elements such as good ventilation, a removable, washable liner, integrated speaker pockets and an anti-fog, quick release shield. Most importantly this helmet has been safety tested to meet and exceed a SNELL rating, which in our opinion, is an crucial criteria for saying a helmet is safe.This is a helmet that will perform well regardless of your riding style.



The next piece of kit most people look at is a jacket. We stock a lot of options that come in all styles, safety levels and price. Here are a couple of popular ones that we see new riders picking up again and again.

First Mfg. Cutlass Jackets

First Mfg. Cutlass Jacket - $269.00

With heavy denim body and full-grain leather sleeves the Cutlass jacket offers great protection. Action back shoulder gussets allow ease of movement without bulk. Add even more protection by using the armor ready pockets. We like this jacket because allows you to upgrade the safety but not have to spend all that money upfront and it looks great as well.

First Mfg. Women's Warrior Jacket - $349.00

The First Women's Warrior leather jacket was designed as a riding jacket with a flattering fit, and we think they nailed it. With a soft cowhide leather construction, asymmetrical zip and arrowhead ribbed details throughout, this jacket's far from average. Not to mention it packs a safety punch with armor ready pockets in the shoulders, elbows and back!



If you fall off your bike your first instinct much like falling any time will be to put your hands out to protect you. Riding schools required a leather glove that cover your wrist. We sell a lot of these two gloves because they check both those boxes and are very affordable.

Z1R Motorcycle Gloves

Z1R Men's Reaper 2 Glove - $29.95

The Reaper glove has a goatskin outer construction which offers awesome abrasion resistance. Comes with touchscreen fingertips and elastic cuff with velcro closure. It's above the wrist coverage exceeds street safety school requirements. Great glove option at a great price.

Z1R Women's 7MM Glove - $24.95

Similar to the Reaper the 7MM glove has goat-skin construction and is a little longer to easily protect your wrists. It's zipper closure makes it easy to get on and off.



When looking at riding pants most companies focus on an abrasion resistant fabric and armor in the knees and sometimes hip area. Those two features usually are more costly making it hard to get an inexpensive riding pant that offers good protection. However, we think these riding pants from Resurgence offer great value and safety and are worth checking out when buying your riding gear.

Resurgence Motorcycle Denim

Resurgence Denim Black / Navy - $279.00

These jeans will last you for years and have the look of other high end selvedge denim available but with tons of added protection. Inside there is 60% coverage of Pekev, a high-impact strength, self-lubricating, protective polymer than not only will save your skin, but is also comfortable on and off the bike. The jeans come equipped with CE-Level 1 adjustable knee and hip armor, however they can also be worn without armor in more casual settings.

Resurgence Sara Jane Motorcycle Legging

Resurgence Sara Jane Legging - $239.99

The Sara Jane Legging is made from a light-weight version Resurgence's Pekev product. Even though it's lighter it still boasts a massive CE level 5.21 second abrasion rating. They also have additional D3O armor in the knees that you can easily remove if you're going to be off the bike for awhile.



Keeping your feet safe is super important when riding! In a lot of low speed crashes or get offs your feet and ankles are vulnerable because the chances of your bike landing on it are high. A good pair of riding shoes or boots can even save you some pain when something as common as accidentally knocking over your bike happens.

Since we've started selling these Riding Shoes from TCX they've been really popular especially with new riders because they look like ordinary shoes, have some great protection, and don't break the bank.

TCX Street Ace Waterproof Riding Shoe

TCX Street Ace Waterproof Riding Shoe - $239.99

TCX Womens Street Ace Waterproof Riding Shoe

TCX Womens Street Ace Waterproof Riding Shoe - $239.99




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