Father's Day Gift Guide 2021

If your looking for a gift for the moto-loving father figure in your life keep, reading for some great gift ideas! If you don't see anything that's checking the 'tough to please dad' have a look at some of the links below for some ideas we've put together to hopefully point you in the right direction.

Lee Parks DeerTours Leather Motorcycle GloveREV'IT! SPORT TRACKER GLOVES - $149.00 CAD

These gloves are our favourite riding gloves. They're super comfortable and super safe.Their deerskin construction provides amazing abrasion resistance while providing great feel. Premium gloves come at a premium price but just tell your dad they were mislabeled and you got them a fraction of the price. Dad's love deals.


Gremlin Bells PEWTER GREMLIN BELLS - $16.95 CAD

The tradition of giving a loved one a 'Gremlin Bell' to ward off evil road spirits goes back many years. Let the riding Papa in your life know you're sending him good vibes on his ride and they'll smile and think of you each time they see it!

Town Moto T-Shirts TOWN MOTO T-SHIRTS $29.95+ CAD

Dads enjoy the finer things in life: Hot-dogs with mustard, coffee, delicious bbq. Sometimes the finer things in life end up on your shirt. If pops wardrobe could use a refresh grab him a crisp TM t-shirt. Mom will thank you.

Harley-Davidson X Stance HARLEY-DAVIDSON X STANCE - $22.95-53.00 CAD

If you're buying for a Harley Dad check out what Stance has cooked up for the brand. They have Harley-Davidson socks for men and women as well as men's boxers!

Town Moto Mach 1 Multicam Dad HatTOWN MOTO MACH 1 DAD HAT - $34.95 CAD

Nothing pairs quite as well with child rearing as an appreciation of camo and not having to worry about what your hair looks like. People love our multicam dad-hats especially...Dads!

Talisman Tool Bag MOUNTABLE TOOLBAG - $49.95 CAD

Everyone needs a quality tool bag to stash their most important tools and bits and bobs! All the other dad's will let loose a low whistle when he pops this bad boy open to extract a zip-tie that he'll proudly tell them he got on sale at Crappy Tire "You wouldn't believe the deal I got!"

Modern Motorcycle Mechanics Book MODERN MOTORCYCLE MECHANICS $69.00 CAD

This is a great tome on the maintenance and mechanical workings of many motorcycles dated up to 1974. It has so much useful information if you're into older bikes and was written by J.B.Nicholson an important part of Canadian Motorcycle History. If your dad likes old bikes, he'll like this...unless he already has it. Then he'll tell you to not waste your money on him and that you should be putting it into sensible investments like government bonds! Little does he know you already yolo'd Mimaw's inheritance on Dogecoin.

Town Moto Bumper Stickers SWEET STICKERS - $2.95+ CAD

If you need a little something to kick that rad gift over the edge grab one of our bumper stickers! Help pops flying his moto-loving flag when he can't be on his bike!

Town Moto Silkscreen Motorcycle Artprints TOWN MOTO SILKSCREEN MOTORCYCLE ART PRINTS - $34.95 CAD

These limited editions silkscreens are designed by us and hand printed in Canada. Whether your dad is a Harley guy, Triumph nerd or a Honda Fanatic we have something that's going to look great on the wall of his office, living room or garage!


Mugs at Town Moto TOWN MOTO MUGS - $11.95+ CAD

Who doesn't need a mug to remind everybody at the office what you'd rather be doing? We got lots of great mugs your Dad will love - check 'em out here!


Town Moto Gift Card TOWN MOTO GIFT CARD - $10+ CAD

If you just don't know what to get - give him an excuse to ride his motorcycle down to pay us a visit! He can use a giftcard to get some stuff to take care of his bike, some new riding gear or just some random cool thing he doesn't even know he needs yet.


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