1971 Honda CB350 | August 2016 Window Bike

Our window bike for August was a 1971 Honda CB350 built by Rob Cloutier of Bullitt Cycles and customer Ian Purdy.

Rob runs us through the build below: The ’71 CB350 build started with a stock tank, engine, stock wheels and frame. The customer wanted to retain the stock drum wheels but wanted to upgrade the 33mm stock forks to 35mm from a CB550. To make that work the CB550 35mm front end was modified with spacers and new brake arm to accommodate the stock CB350 wheel. The frame was sandblasted cut and a loop was made with shock plates then TIGed back together. The custom rear loop and rear section was fabricated to accommodate the PACO fiberglass Café seat. The loop also has an integrated turn-brake-running LED light flush mounted.

Once the frame was done I moved on to the battery box. All the components were laid out then the fabricating of the box was made to contain a 4 cell Ballistic Battery, electronic ignition, fuse box, updated voltage regulator, and custom wiring harness.

The custom 2 into 2 twin exhaust started with the stock exhaust headers, Emgo Side Slash Mufflers and a pipe kit from TC Bros. A series of bends/cut were used to get the mufflers to exit on the right side and also accommodate the center stand only- no side stand

The stock engine was re-sealed and re-ringed but 2 new 34mm Mikunis sporting Velocity Stacks were added. The stock toolbox was retained but a Custom Cigar tube paperwork holder was added above it.

The Ian Purdy did the white and dark metallic red powder coating on the bike and the paint was done by Mark at Dino’s Paint shop. A touch of modern was added to the tank by adding tank medallions from a newer Honda

I didn’t like the tank to seat transition so I fabbed up a section to smooth out the lines thinking the customer was going to upholster the seat but he ended up just getting it painted and leaving it for now.