1975 BMW R75/6 - Cafe Noir - February 2016 Window Bike


Photos by Alex Lee

In February we were lucky to get a great looking BMW R75 for our window bike last minute. Put together by Ian Barratt and Greg Pillon it was a great addition to our window for the month and hopefully since we're posting this blog after the fact we hope you had the chance to check it out in person. Ian gave me a run down of some of the work that was done to the bike:

‘Café Noir’ as we named our bike started life as a stock BMW R75/6 1975.We began the project by removing the stock fenders, seat, rear sets and shocks and handlebars.

After considerable cleaning of the bike we added black paint to highlight the engine block. The cylinder heads were meticulously masked and painted, along with the distributor head and airbox cover. The battery was removed from the original position and a lithium ion battery positioned under the seat hump.

The café seat was purchased from a manufacturer in Florida who has done several other BMW cafés and suited our needs perfectly. We removed the rear subframe, cut and ‘re-hooped’ this meticulously taking great care and attention to getting the right seat height and look. The rear sets are from Boxer Metal, CA, USA and specifically made for BMW boxer twins.

The rear shocks were purchased from Works Shocks, CA a well known and respected shock manufacturer. They were individually specified as black metal body with chrome springs to compliment the look of the bike. Rizoma brake and turn signals were added to keep the clean lines of the tail of the bike. We decided to add the licence plate holder on the rear axle to add to the aesthetic of the bike. The Megaton Silencer Reverse Cone Slip-on Exhausts and Daytona 'Velona' speedo were sourced from Café Racer, Netherlands.

Fabrication of the front fender was achieved by ‘bobbing’ the original fender both front and aft to keep the original curvature. We wanted to achieve a look as though the front fender had come from the factory as it now was. Pin-striping of the front fender and seat was done in-house. Bar end mirrors and turn-signals were used to further clean the lines of the front end.

Parts for this project were predominately purchased from outside of Canada. The main goal of our project was to achieve an authentic look that could pass as a café racer bike that had been produced in the BMW factory.

TownMoto_bmw_r75_6_1975001 TownMoto_bmw_r75_6_1975012 TownMoto_bmw_r75_6_1975005 TownMoto_bmw_r75_6_1975018 TownMoto_bmw_r75_6_1975010 TownMoto_bmw_r75_6_1975006 TownMoto_bmw_r75_6_1975022 TownMoto_bmw_r75_6_1975014 TownMoto_bmw_r75_6_1975016 TownMoto_bmw_r75_6_1975011 TownMoto_bmw_r75_6_1975007 TownMoto_bmw_r75_6_1975015

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