New Years Mini Bike Fun

Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE002 Photos by Viktor Radics & Alex Lee (click on images for credit) With the shop closed down for a few days over New Years and plans to spend a couple of days at a cottage we squeezed as many mini bikes as we could into the truck and headed out. We were able to find some snowmobile trails near where we were staying and even a great little loop for racing on. Great way to spend a couple of days outside in the winter! Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE004 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE005 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE003 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE030 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE051 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE012 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE013 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE009 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE007 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE042 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE008 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE020 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE056 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE055 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE034 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE031 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE032 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE022 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE021 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE050 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE049 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE027 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE028 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE029 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE033 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE025 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE045 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE040 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE054 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE006 Town_Moto_mini_bike_NYE035
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