1998 XL883 Harley Tracker - January 2016 Window Bike

1998 XL883 Harley Tracker

Our January window bike is another great build from our friend Eric Stafford. (You can see his Yamaha SR500 and Harley Sportster XL1200 here) His latest build is an awesome looking Street Tracker. We really love the 19" Kim Tabs and Supertrapp exhaust. The build has lots of nice custom work and details throughout and the tasteful, understated paint really brings the whole build together.

Here's a few words from Eric on his Harley Tracker: The tank, exhaust and fiberglass tail were purchased in pieces up north off of what I suspect was an old 883 flat track race series bike. The tail had some extensive damage that I had to re-construct. The Kimtab wheels took many hours of math and machining from my dad on how to adapt them to the bike. Many factors like adapting new rotors, a new front caliper and going to a chain conversion made it difficult to figure out adapters and spacers the 19" Kimtabs to fit on the Sportster. The triple trees were custom designed to accept a 19" Kimtab wheel coupled with a Tokico caliper. I did the 3D CAD drawings for the triple trees and had them machined out of billet aluminum. The sprocket cover was another piece of the bike that I wanted to improve. The stock sprocket cover is cast out of a thin piece of aluminum that is prone to breaking if the bike is used in unforgiving terrain. My goal was to design one that could withstand a terrain like a dirt track or street competitive racing. Both the triple trees and and sprocket cover were designed in CAD and prototyped using 3D printing. The prototypes were tested for fitment and function, then machined out of billet aluminum.

SPEC SHEET: 1998 Harley Davidson XL 883 19" Kimtab magnesium wheels Lyndall rotors Tokico caliper front brake upgrade Screaming eagle fiberglass flat track tail 883R Race tank XR style Supertrapp exhaust system Screaming eagle air cleaner Custom Carbon Projects wide triple trees for Sportster models Custom Carbon Projects sprocket cover for Sportster models All led signals and taillight Chain conversion Lots of powder coat

Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto002 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto003 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto001 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto004 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto012 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto011 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto008 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto018 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto020 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto007 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto006 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto013 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto014 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto009 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto017 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto016 Eric_Stafford_Harley_Sportster_883_Town_Moto010