TM Crew's Top Picks for 2015

HAPPY NEW YEARS! Keeping with tradition we thought we would ring in the new year in with the TM Crew's top 3 products list including things we loved, things that pleasantly surprised us, and things that saved our butts this year. Read on for this year's picks or click here to check out last year's post!



Chippewa Women's Lace-Up - Finally a rugged womens boot that looks feminine! As a shorter individual I often find that similar men’s styling boot look clunky, but these have a slim toe and are great to ride in and wear at work all day! Plus a great color!

The Bikeriders by Danny Lyon Book -  I always wanted this book but it’s earlier editions were rare and hard to find. It is full of photos so classic they could be from any era. The book captures a feeling and it makes me want to spend more time with my friends and more time on my bike.

Roland Sands Gezel Gloves in Oxblood - Because they are based on a mens style, I didn’t think I would love these as much as I do! They look really unique but also fit great for longer rides. In hot weather the upper hand verticle zip makes them easy to get on and off! 



JIS Screw Driver Set - Dig this high quality screwdriver set! Japanese JIS screws found on most Japanese bikes look like Phillips but have a different shape. These prevent stripping and ruining screwheads when working on your vintage Japanese bike, pretty great!

The Saint Other Side Jacket - Got this denim jacket this year and really appreciated the extra protection without adding any extra bulk to the jacket. The Other Side jacket has Dyneema woven with the denim cotton which makes for a denim jacket that is 20% tougher with a big improvement on burst and abrasion resilience. Plus it just looks good.

The Town Moto Nice Guy Tee - This guy looks like me when i’m riding my motorcycle - smiling for days! Our newest shop Tee on super comfy American Apparel Tri-Blend t-shirts. 

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Vanson Stormer - This jacket looks great in both black and olive. The best part about it, is the fact that I can wear it anywhere and it fits right in. The detailing is second to none, I really like the leather accent around the neck, for me, it just add's to the quality feel of the entire jacket.

Rev'It Sand Pro Gloves - This is hands down the best summer riding glove I have used. If you are looking for something light, ventilated, and comfortable, this is the glove for you. What is really amazing about this glove, is that the ventilated flex knuckle armour was offers amazing impact absorption while simultaneously aiding in ventilation. The glove’s palms are made of goatskin, and the upper is fully stretchable and breathable to help maintain a cool and comfortable grip. Definitely, a no brainer for my top 3.

Saint 100% Kevlar Roaches Drill Pant - Saint is a new brand for us, and it is one I am really happy about. I really like the 100% Kevlar Roaches Drill pant, they are incredibly light while offering a very high level of abrasion resistance. When looking for a riding pant that you can wear everywhere everyday, these are some of the best. As Marika would say, "they make you look like you own a boat".




Arai Vector 2 Helmet - [helmet worn in the picture above] - This helmet's lightweight, fits like a glove, and has excellent peripheral vision. Lots of great ventilation and features including cut away cheek pads and liner tabs.

Kriega R25 backpack - My ride bag: waterproof, fully adjustable/expandable, takes the weight off my shoulders, what more could you want?

Ugly Bros Motorpool Pants in Black - [pants worn in the picture above] - A great pant for city riding. With removable knee and hip armour and stretch panels to keep material from pinching. Comfiest pants I own, I wear them literally every time I ride.




Drag Specalities Headlight - Half the size of my W650s stock headlight and probably twice as bright. I was happy to have found this small / simple chrome headlight to help clean up / minimize the front end of my bike.

Markoo Electra Jacket - [jacket worn in the picture above] - It took me years to settle on a leather motorcycle jacket that I liked but the second I put this one on, I knew that was over. I wear this jacket as much on the bike as I do off. I dig its simple but well thought out silhouette, it fits really well, it’s super comfortable, goes with anything you wear, and the leather has broken in beautifully but still kept its shine. Still just as stoked on it today as when I first bought it.

15" x 30" Cargo net - Best carry-all on any moto adventure. I’ve always got a cargo packed in my bag cause you never know when it will come in use - whether it’s strapping down my camera bag, hauling firewood to a campsite, a tie down for a wet bathing suit, getting that last bag of groceries that doesn’t fit in your backpack home - it always comes in handy!




Ugly Bros Women's Motorpool pants - I personally own two pairs of Ugly Bros pants, and will say they are my #1 choice for comfort, style and safety. There isn’t much out there that makes you feel good, but also includes safety features- in the way of women’s riding pants.

Meta Magazine - We started shelving Meta Magazine this season, and have to say I really enjoy the content, photography, and overall design of the publication. Definitely a great read, and I look forward to upcoming issues.

S100 Total Cycle Finish Restorer - Used the S100 restorer when I first picked up my 76’ R100 with some seriously rusty pipes. For the areas that could be redeemed this product worked like a charm, and with only a tiny bit of elbow grease.


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AMPZ multi-function power supply - The AMPZ multi-function battery pack has been my saving grace this season. Mainly because my old BMW’s charging system doesn’t keep my battery charged when running and I don’t have a garage to plug in a battery tender to charge her up on a daily. I not only jump start my old BMW with it every morning, I charge my phone with it repeatedly on road trips, jump start neighbours cars in my hood when I hear them struggling and use it as a flashlight on the road. This is a must have on any trip, be it on a motorcycle or a car. It’s small, lightweight and comes in a nicely organized soft case. Do it! Especially in the winter.

Held Windstopper Neckwarmer - I love wearing my HELD Windstopper Neckwarmer. It not only keeps me cozy by completely blocking the wind from hitting my neck, it’s soft on your face, lightweight and useful all year. I bring this with me on every trip I take regardless of the season. In the summer it’s great on those cooler mornings and evenings and in the fall and winter I use it all the time. It’s the best $25 you’ll spend on your riding comfort.

Town Moto Go-Fast Pocket Tee - The Town Moto GO-Fast Pocket tee is my favourite and most worn t-shirt in my large collection of tee’s. When I wear it I feel like the shirt expresses everything that I’m about when it comes to motorcycling. The designs are all so fun and playful that I like to think that people smile when they see me wearing it. I also really like the shirt because of the soft fabric and the slightly longer slimmer fit. Click into the tee to see a pic of me wearing it! 

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