Babes Ride Out 2015


We were lucky enough to know a bunch of ladies here from Toronto who made it out to this year's third annual Babes Ride Out - a female-only ride/camp event weekend in the Mojave Desert. Kaitlin DeBrabandere tells about their epic road-trip out West below.

A trip to BRO3 hitting California at speed

When I bought my first bike this spring, camping out with 1200 women motorcyclists in the Mojave desert is not where I imagined it taking me. Actually, most of my first season left me bewildered by the trips I found myself on. This trip though, was the peak, a bonus round. Four Toronto girls escaping impending winter shut down, and hitting California’s sunshine at speed.

Babes Ride Out is a record breaking gathering of female motorcyclists held annually outside of Joshua Tree, California. Now in its third year, it’s a perfect adventure escape, no boys allowed. Attendance numbers doubling from last year, BRO has quickly expanded from its humble beginnings, becoming a destination for riders from around the world.

My resolve to attend was fed by three friends of mine, whom I’d met this summer through Toronto's riding community. What began as four independent trips for a weekend event soon blended into one route. Our mission: to ride together and wind the coast, the mountains and the desert into one road.

The logistics were simple and the planning was easy, with a couple mouse clicks our reservations were complete. Due to limited time off we made the trip west by flying, and a BRO discount code for rentals at Eagle Rider kept things affordable. Kendall, Jen and Michelle chose to try out the road on Harleys, and I picked a Bonneville T100 so I could relax in the scenery like I do on my own ‘04 Triumph.

TM_BabesRideOut001 TM_BabesRideOut011 TM_BabesRideOut008 TM_BabesRideOut010 TM_B-1 TM_BabesRideOut012 TM_BabesRideOut009

We started as three traveling through the warm salty air, becoming familiar with our rentals and working our way north up the coast. We split traffic and moved swiftly while watching cars part, they made room for us quickly as if we were sharks. Navigation, decisions, and challenges were uncovered, we tackled them all and then found a campground to call home for the night.

We brought along what we considered the best possible map, one from AAA highlighting campsites, details and addresses of where sites were at. With every change in direction we could pick a new option, finding great places to stay while keeping costs at a minimum.

We rode through canyons and onwards into mountains, where our fourth rider drifted in the next night through the darkness. She arrived for the weekend in a jacket of tassels, and awoke the next day to fox prints but no hassles.

Our pack of four rode from nature to freeways to join a BRO meet up at Glendale Harley, outside of L.A. While on the road a band of riders passed alongside, they rode strong and clean and were geared up for the desert just like us. Realizing the beginning of Babes Ride Out was upon us, we gave salutes and linked in, riding together until we connected at fuel up. From that point on more and more women began to cross paths, and the road filled us with excitement about what was up next.

Check out Part II of Kaitlin's recap of Babes Ride Out here on the blog. All photos care of Jen Morden, Kaitlin DeBrabandere, Michelle Campbell - top to bottom, left to right: First five photos by Jen, Kaitlin, Jen, Kaitlin, next three Jen, next three Michelle, Jen & Kaitlin.

TM_BabesRideOut006 TM_BabesRideOut005 TM_B-12 TM_B-6 TM_BabesRideOut013