TM Dirt Day at Trail Tours


All photos by Viktor Radics & Alex Lee

Winter hours are now in effect here at the shop  but before getting started on all the shop renos and clean ups we're itching to get done on our new off-hours, we thought we'd throw a staff dirt day in the mix.

With a group of riders of all different experience levels (ranging from never touched a dirt bike, to ready to learn some wheelies & log jumps), barely any dirt biking gear and 1 bike between the bunch of us, we definitely knew we needed to find a company that could help outfit us with bikes and gear for the day. We had heard great things about Trail Tours a trail-riding & dirt bike school based just outside of the Ganaraska Forest & figured we'd drop them a line and see if they'd take us on for the day.

The folks at Trail Tours were amazing. They sent us all the info we needed, told us they'd provide lunch, bikes, gear, instruction and guides for the day and had us meet them in the am so they could escort us to their spot.

After getting properly geared we split up into groups based on skill level and were put through the paces so the staff could assess our riding and move people around if need be.

Once everyone had gotten used to their bikes we went off with our groups for some more instruction and practice before hitting the trails. The instructors were all great and had lots of helpful tips to improve our riding, make sure we had fun and challenge us at the same time. Once getting all that out of the way we were taken on a tailored rip through the 11 000 acres of beautiful conservation area & trails of the Ganaraska Forest, which ruled cause we didn't even have to worry about getting lost in its vastness. And they instructors were great, bringing us to some of their favorite spots to ride and places they knew we'd have fun. We had a total blast, and couldn't recommend it more. Trail Tours,  their awesome staff and instructors made everything really easy and all we had to do was think about how much fun we were having.

Absolutely worth every penny for the an epic day of riding with some experienced staff that end up feeling more like riding buddies than anything else! We are already looking forward to heading back in the Spring, if you're even thinking about doing it - you totally should. You won't regret it.

TM_TrailTours023 TM_TrailTours001 TM_TrailTours031 TM_TrailTours002 TM_TrailTours007 TM_TrailTours032 TM_TrailTours003 TM_TrailTours008 TM_TrailTours010 TM_TrailTours019 TM_TrailTours018 TM_TrailTours015 TM_TrailTours016 TM_TrailTours014 TM_TrailTours028 TM_TrailTours017 TM_TrailTours004 TM_TrailTours030 TM_TrailTours027 TM_TrailTours011 TM_TrailTours005 Our Trail Tours Crew! Huge thanks to these guys for showing us such a rad time!! TM_TrailTours013

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