Babes Ride n Rage Photo-Recap


Back at the end of September Alex from the shop got to ride out to Forester Falls, ON with a group of 7 other ladies here in the city for this year's Babes Ride n Rage. The Babes RNR is an annual three day ladies-only ride, camp & party in the woods. The three day trip is meant to give any lady - regardless of their level of experience, or who they usually ride with - an excuse to meet, ride and have some fun out in the woods with other lady riders here in Ontario.

This year's event was hosted by Julie Burns who graciously offered up her property to camp out on to the little ride or die crew that showed up through the rain from both Ottawa and Toronto. Many kms, rain suits, wet socks, campfire dried boots/gloves/pants/jackets/etc..., beers, cheers, laughs, waterfall trips, group rides, sparklers, burgers, slow races, shotgun fires and all around good times later - another Babes RnR come to an end.

But we hear these ladies are already working on next year's event. Check out the Babes Ride n Rage account to stay posted on 2016's campout! Meanwhile, here are some pics by Jen Morden, Julie Burns and Alex Lee from this year's trip:

TM_BabesRNR003 TM_BabesRNR002 TM_BabesRNR011 TM_BabesRNR013 TM_BabesRNR012 TM_BabesRNR041 TM_BabesRNR006 TM_BabesRNR008TM_BabesRNR010 TM_BabesRNR016 TM_BabesRNR017 TM_BabesRNR014 TM_BabesRNR015 TM_BabesRNR019 TM_BabesRNR020 TM_BabesRNR021 TM_BabesRNR046 TM_BabesRNR024 TM_BabesRNR026 TM_BabesRNR025 TM_BabesRNR028 TM_BabesRNR029 TM_BabesRNR027 TM_BabesRNR030 TM_BabesRNR034 TM_BabesRNR032 TM_BabesRNR035 TM_BabesRNR048 TM_BabesRNR036 TM_BabesRNR039 TM_BabesRNR040 TM_BabesRNR042 TM_BabesRNR043 TM_BabesRNR045