The Race of the Gentlemen 2015

We're happy to have some really great photos taken by our friend Allan at this years The Race of Gentlemen. TROG as it's affectionately called takes place every year in Wildwood, New Jersey. For the uninitiated The Race of Gentlemen is a beach race that is put on by Oilers Car Club which pits pre-war hotrods and motorcycles against each other in one-on-one races on the Jersey Shore. It's an amazing celebration of vintage cars, bikes and racing held usually on the first weekend of October barring any hurricane warnings. Wish we could have made it down this year, looks like we missed a great time!

All photos care of Allan Glanfield.

TM_AllanG_TROG004 TM_AllanG_TROG005 TM_AllanG_TROG007 TM_AllanG_TROG002 TM_AllanG_TROG034 TM_AllanG_TROG006 TM_AllanG_TROG036 TM_AllanG_TROG015 TM_AllanG_TROG003 TM_AllanG_TROG030 TM_AllanG_TROG019 TM_AllanG_TROG001 TM_AllanG_TROG008 TM_AllanG_TROG009 TM_AllanG_TROG014 TM_AllanG_TROG012 TM_AllanG_TROG013 TM_AllanG_TROG016 TM_AllanG_TROG020 TM_AllanG_TROG018 TM_AllanG_TROG017 TM_AllanG_TROG021 TM_AllanG_TROG025 TM_AllanG_TROG024 TM_AllanG_TROG035 TM_AllanG_TROG023 TM_AllanG_TROG028 TM_AllanG_TROG026

For more photos from the weekend visit Allan's website!

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