TM Poker Run 2015 & Oct. Ride in Re-cap

Download, share & see more pics in our Facebook Poker Run Album. We had a great time hosting our season-finale Ride-In and Poker Run last Sunday. Huge thanks to all the riders who came out and participated in the run despite the chillier temps and to everyone who stopped came out to the shop to hang out for what was a really fun day and awesome last Ride-In of the season for us! We were so stoked that over 70 riders came out to ride the Poker Run! And if hitting all the check points in 5 degree weather wasn't hard enough riders had the added challenges of dealing with Saturday traffic and Toronto Marathon road closures. But everyone seemed to have a blast, coming back to the shop with handfuls of cards and making some pretty sweet hands. The afternoon Ride-In went down as it typically does - plenty of high fives, hot dogs, scoping bikes & chatting with buds. We then got to finish the rad day by thanking everyone for coming & giving away a ton of great prizes from our amazing event sponsors to our Poker Run Winners and Ride-in Attendees

All photos by Viktor Radics & Alex Lee

TM_Oct_RideIn004 TM_Oct_RideIn008 TM_Oct_RideIn005 TM_Oct_RideIn007 TM_Oct_RideIn009 TM_Oct_RideIn059 TM_Oct_RideIn058 TM_Oct_RideIn034 TM_Oct_RideIn014 TM_Oct_RideIn010 TM_Oct_RideIn011 TM_Oct_RideIn013 TM_Oct_RideIn015 TM_Oct_RideIn017 TM_Oct_RideIn041 TM_Oct_RideIn032 TM_Oct_RideIn021 TM_Oct_RideIn020 TM_Oct_RideIn023 TM_Oct_RideIn024 TM_Oct_RideIn028 TM_Oct_RideIn031 TM_Oct_RideIn053TM_Oct_RideIn022 TM_Oct_RideIn029 TM_Oct_RideIn037 TM_Oct_RideIn030

Big heartfelt thanks goes out to our sponsors for make us look so darn good by letting us give away they're awesome stuff: Roland Sands Designs, Biltwell Inc., Deus Ex Machina, Instance, Brixton, Poler, North Standard and Federal Moto. You guys are amazing, thank you so much! As well as our Poker Run Card Locations: Town Barber, Cafe Novo, Rooster Coffee, Okey Doke Tattoo Shop, Propeller Coffee, North Standard Trading Post, Te Aro, Bikes on Wheels, Tucana Coffee, Anchored Social Club & Dave's On St. Clair. Please be sure to support all of these businesses in any way you can because they love motorcycles and support our motorcycling community - so we love all of them! We feel pretty lucky to be part of such an incredible community of riders here in Toronto and are stoked to be able to give back to it whenever & however we can. Thanks for another awesome season of riding folks & for all of your support for our little business! The TM Crew

TM_Oct_RideIn018 TM_Oct_RideIn038 TM_Oct_RideIn043 TM_Oct_RideIn044TM_Oct_RideIn045 TM_Oct_RideIn046 TM_Oct_RideIn035 TM_Oct_RideIn048 TM_Oct_RideIn052 TM_Oct_RideIn047 TM_Oct_RideIn050