Layering for Cold Weather Riding

If you're like us here at the shop you'll do anything to squeeze every last riding day out of fall & early winter before the snow starts coming down. Cold weather riding here in the city can be a total bum out, but with the right layers to stay warm and mother nature on your side, you can sometimes ride right through December! This week we thought we'd give you a run through on how we, here at the shop, tend to layer up when riding in November and December!

    Layering for Riding in 10-15 degree weather


    When you're riding and the temperature is dropping to about 10-15 degree Celsius It's all about waffle, quilted and fleece layers. Any extra things you can wear above and below your riding gear to keep the warmth in. These layers also tend to be less technical, and less costly. Here's some stuff you'll catch us wearing when it starts getting cold:

      Layering for Riding between 0-10 degree weather


      Our go-to gear when the temperature really starts to drop is typically wind-proof and heated. Wind blocking layers cut the wind from giving you the chills and heated gear uses the energy from your bike's battery to power things like heated vests and gloves to keep you toasty while you ride. These pieces tend to cost a little more, but are absolutely worth their weight in gold. Made of higher quality fabrics - the Saint's under layer is abrasion resistant, the Held Windblocker pants are also antimicrobial and both the vest and gloves incorporate battery heated technology guaranteed to keep you on the road later into the season. Here are a few staff favorites:

      Windproof layer


      You can also never go wrong with simply adding a windproof layer over all of your gear to keep the wind out, and the warmth in. This Waterproof Held Rano Rain jacket and Held Creek Pants are great for that!

      No matter the weather - we've got plenty of gear in the shop to help you stay on the road & keep you toasty. Browse our the Base Layer section & Rain Gear section online for more ideas! Or feel free to drop us a line with any questions you may have:

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