Toronto's DGR 2015

If ya didn't know about or take part in this year's Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, a Ride done World Wide to raise awareness & money for Prostate Cancer Research, ya missed out! Toronto had a total of 94 registered riders and raised a good $15k for the cause and had a blast doing it!

The meet up started out at Rise Espresso on Mutual Street where Paul Dutra of Back Alley Moto in great company, planned a nice little ride through the city on Lakeshore down to Port Credit with everyone dressed in their finest digs. We at the shop figured why not keep the party going? And invited everyone over for a DGR After-party Ride-In, click here to check out the pics from our after-party!

This first batch of rad DGR shots by our talented buddy Allan Glanfield.

Download and see more pics in our Facebook DGR Ride & Ride-In Album.

DGR_AllenG005 DGR_AllenG001 DGR_AllenG002 DGR_AllenG003 DGR_AllenG006

More pics from the event by Alex Lee

DGR_AllenG023 DGR_TM001 DGR_TM002 DGR_TM003 DGR_AllenG016 DGR_AllenG025 DGR_AllenG037 DGR_AllenG013 DGR_AllenG019 DGR_AllenG033 DGR_AllenG018 DGR_AllenG039 DGR_AllenG020 DGR_TM005 DGR_AllenG038 DGR_AllenG041 DGR_AllenG042 DGR_AllenG028 DGR_AllenG029 DGR_AllenG030 DGR_AllenG031 DGR_AllenG034 DGR_AllenG032 DGR_TM006 DGR_TM007 DGR_AllenG040 DGR_AllenG036

Andrew managed to snap this pic while waiting at a red on Lakeshore on route to Port Credit. Yew!!


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