#TheMotoSocialToronto September 2015

Another rad turn out for September's #TheMotoSocialToronto. Big thanks to everyone who rode down, came out, chatted & had a good time. Bigger thanks, as always, to our buddy Viktor Radics for putting this baby on & giving us a reason to all hang every once in a while. This was the second last Moto Social of the year - if you weren't able to make it out tonight, be sure to catch the last one of the season in October. Keep an eye on ours or Viktor's Instagram account for event details! More pics from the event are also up in this Facebook Album! Be sure to also check out The Moto Social Toronto's Facebook page to keep up to date with upcoming events/locations & for more stellar pics from the event by Viktor

All Photos by: Alex Lee

TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept002 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept003 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept004 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept011 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept006 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept005 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept007 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept025 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept028 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept019 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept024 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept020 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept027 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept017 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept012 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept026 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept013 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept010 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept021 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept016 TM_x_MotoSocial_Sept014