Toronto Mods n Rockers 2015


All photos care of Alex Lee for Town Moto

After a killer kick off BBQ at the shop Friday night, day two of this year's Mods & Rockers weekend started out with a group ride & ended with a day hang in the Duke Live parking lot on the East side. I gotta say, it was pretty rad rolling up to the Loblaws parking lot and seeing over 150 bikes & scooters of all walks of life ready to ride together through the streets of Toronto.

The group ride took everyone through the Bayview Extension, up to King Street and down to the Duke on the East side of Queen. There we got to hang for the day, gawk at bikes & scooters, eat some food and drink some drinks. All in all a great day in in the two wheel community. Check out our Facebook album for more shots & to see what you may have missed. And don't forget to mark your calendars for next year!

Thanks again to the Ton Up Club Toronto for all your hard work, and the Duke Live for hosting us band of misfits!

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