Town Moto's Mods n Rockers BBQ

All photos care of our good buddy Viktor Radics!

This year's Mods n Rockers weekend was killer. We're always so stoked to be a part of all the fun & get to welcome everyone getting in from out of town to the city, or anyone taking part in the weekend at our kick off BBQ. Here are some snaps by our good friend Viktor Radics from the BBQ/the start to the 2015 Mods n Rockers Toronto weekend.

See the full set of pics in our Mods n Rockers 2015 Kick off BBQ album on our Facebook page. Thanks again to everyone who came by, hung out, had a dog, showed off their rides, threw us some smiles and added to all the good vibes this Friday night! Definitely a hellofa way to start the weekend!

Huge thanks as well to the Ton Up Club for all their hard work organizing and getting this weekend together! You guys nailed it. We had a blast.

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