Packing for Moto Camping


We count ourselves lucky to have gotten out of the city & done a little moto camping and relaxing this summer. We gotta say, there isn't much that beats riding out to the woods, swimming in lakes, building fires & just zoning out of your day-to-day routine with a couple of buds. When a free weekend comes up we're definitely the first to load up the bikes & boot out.


We've found having our camping gear dialed in makes it easier to escape on last minute trips. We're always tweaking what we bring but are pretty happy with the setup we have now. You can certainly pack less and you can always bring more but below is what's typically on our bikes when we ride out to do some moto camping these days. Hopefully this helps the uninitiated to get some gear together and head out to do some exploring!


TM_Camp012 TM_Camp001 TM_Camp003


We're huge fans of Kreiga bags. We've used their 30L bags on weekend trips, week-long rides, through rain storms & even strapped them onto our rental dirt-bikes when we rode through Costa Rica. The 30L Kriega bag is now our go to as we've found that one 30L will typically fit everything we need to pack outside of our tent. Besides that we will sometimes strap a 10L bag to the 30L (pictured above) in case we need a little extra room for kitchen gear, etc...

The Kriega bags are super easy to install onto any bike and come with straps to attach to your frame as well as straps with clips that clip into the bag & tighten to the bike for a secure hold. Having been caught in the rain more than once, we also love that the bags are 100% waterproof keeping anything in the bags (re: your sleeping bag & changes of clothes) dry even if you may be getting wet.

Added bonus: We've also filled an empty Kriega with ice & had it double as a cooler to store beers, cream for coffee and anything else we wanted to keep cold. The bag's water-tight inner layer kept the bag cool, leakless & all our stuff pretty darn cold. Great DIY cooler option if you're like us and don't wanna have to pack a cooler.


Depending on the length of the trip, we will also sometimes pack a tank bag like this one where we can throw groceries, beers, wine (if we're getting fancy) and where we can throw stuff for easy access - our tinted or clear shield, sunglasses, wallets, camera, chargers, easy access to rain gear etc...


These two are our go-tos for strapping our tent or any other extra things down along your trip (tarp, wet baithing suits, shoes, etc...). We use the 30" x 15" cargo to strap our tent to our packs. They also comes in pretty handy when grabbing ice or fire wood for camp!

New to the shop this year are ROK straps, a genius alternative to bungee cords that help you safely strap your cargo to your bike. Instead of wrestling with mental hooks, the ROK straps are all material, using a loop system to secure ends onto your bike frame avoiding possible injuries and scratches to your bike! They come in large and small sizes and is ideal for anyone that doesn't have a mounting or strap system for their luggage.



We've tried out a few tents over the years, but have found that the Poler 2 man tent really has everything we want. It's held up in storms - no leaks to date! It's dead easy to set up/tear down, fits two people comfortably with room for your bags, helmets etc. and has two doorways which we find ideal cause we use one to get in/out, and the other to store bags so they are covered and out of the way.

Along with two MEC sleeping pads (similar to this model), we pack two sleeping bags & two Therm-a-Rest Pillows. Which all fits nicely in our 30L Kriega bags.


When we know we're going to be headed out for more than a weekend, we'll pack some kitchen gear so we can cook food if we want, boil water for coffee/tea, etc... We have a Primus stove that screws right onto the Propane can - it's small, easy to use and packs up pretty small. We'll bring that, a small Propane can, a pot we picked up a long time ago from a kitchen set, two camping mugs, and two sporks and that usually covers everything we need cooking-wise. We also pack a few Starbucks instant coffee packs cause it's easy, packs up small, and their instant coffee is actually pretty good!


More than once we've been caught on the side of the road fixing or tightening something & have always been real glad we packed some tools. We basically don't leave on a trip without our Metric Cruz Tool & Pocketwrench II. Outside of that, probably the best accessory for smaller weekend trips has been the Battery Tender USB charger. This rad thing allows you to charge any device that plugs into a USB. We tend to use it to charger our phones while we ride if it's died over night.

It also tends to get pretty buggy out in the sticks, so we we always remember to pack a few Viso-Wipes. Nothing like a clean, bug-less shield to start the day. If you've found yourself camping on a wet/rainy day, you know the difficulties of starting a fire with wet wood. We've found these Poler Burner Bags sure help if you're not feeling very boy-scout-ish. These guys apparently even burn in rain, sleet and snow. We're big coffee fans too so we always make sure to pack some big ol' camp mugs like these mugs by Biltwell so the morning cup of Joe lasts that much longer.



Other then that, depending on the weather - we've also packed under layers, rain gear and heated vests. All which just help us stay warm/comfortable while on the road. It definitely pays off to have good travel gear that you know you can rely on. We can't recommend this stuff enough! If you're looking to start traveling, or doing a bit of moto camping yourself and have any questions or wanna try some of the gear out on your bike, drop by the shop! Or shoot us an email at!

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